How to quickly overclock a deposit on options, Overclocking of the Deposit on Forex: Pyramiding or Antimartingeyl

Overclocking of the Deposit on Forex: Pyramiding or Antimartingeyl

Cobra Night - Advisor for overclocking a $ 100 deposit

Tactics are based on the properties of market assets - regardless of the direction of the trend, strive for an average value. Martingale attracts beginners by the simplicity of the theory and practice of application, profit on flat, when price fluctuations do not go beyond a certain price range.

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Losses on trends - directional movements - "kill" the deposit of a martingale trader. How to adapt Martingale strategy to the market of financial instruments?

Let's see how the Cobra Night Expert Advisor deals with this. I must say that this robot is pretty long discussed on our forumand does not lose relevance.

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It is in the open source, participants offer new and new sets to it, modify and adapt how to quickly overclock a deposit on options. So, the entry and exit points in the EA are determined using the non-linear adaptive Kaufman moving average model.

Overclocking the deposit with my EA 100$ to 10.000$

How does the Cobra Night Expert Advisor work? General working principle of the Cobra Night Advisor The Cobra Night Expert Advisor uses the KAMA switching mode as a trigger, placing deals on Jsc sg trading flat and closing on a trend at a loss or profit, depending on the direction.

Description of Algorithms for Creating Martingale Advisor Grid The Cobra Night Expert Advisor works in four modes: pyramid: buying by trend - recognizing the trend by the KAMA trigger, the Cobra Night advisor opens a grid of orders in the direction of price movement, increasing the lot with each new profitable trade.

Closing positions occurs when a trend changes: Closing deals on the Pyramid system counter trend: if the trend deals are closed or it is not recognized, after the KAMA trigger changes from a trend to a flat, the robot opens a grid of orders directed against the current movement.

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Opening deals on the Pyramid system. Opening trades in counter trend mode Closing of positions occurs at the beginning of the trend in any direction, if the trigger showed an exit quotes from flat.

Closing trades in the counter trend mode The Cobra Night Expert Advisor is implemented fully automatically with predefined settings in preset files.

Experienced users have the opportunity to globally change the operation of the algorithm in the robot settings. TimeStart - set the start time of the adviser.

TimeStopNewOrder - time limit for opening new orders.

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The robot closes old orders by itself. TimeStop - cut-off time after which all deals are closed.

  • Pyramiding in Forex Pyramiding in Forex is the exact opposite, in the ideological sense, the martingale strategy, which include increasing bets after each losing trade, and more suitable for binary options trading and even better for roulette.
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UseTradeType - setting of automatic or semi-automatic mode. UseOrderType - order placement mode.

Overclocking of the Deposit on Forex: Pyramiding or Antimartingeyl

The Cobra Night Expert Advisor calculates price levels, at which it places orders of two types - pending immediately after calculationby the market - after quotes cross the calculated levels. PeriodForPendingOrder - time interval between opening orders.

Conclusion Many traders, especially newbies, often lack the funds to make the right investments. With such mathematics, the deposit will be drained only because of the lack of a strategy as such. It is necessary to carry out the acceleration of the deposit. On the "Forex" is not uncommon. Definition Deposit overclocking is the process of increasing start-up capital in a short time.

The default value is in ticks. This allows you to quickly increase and close the position in the literal sense of "inside the candle.

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The step corresponds to the minimum change in the price value in the Metatrader the last digittherefore for four-digit accounts it will be 1 pip, for five-digit ones - 0,1 pip. MaxOrders - allowable maximum number of orders.

  • Tactics of dispersal the trading account often differ in their aggressiveness in terms of capital management, and may also contain special trading techniques that are not used in daily work with moderate risk.
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Distance - the distance from KAMA to the first order opened after changing the mode. The parameter is measured in pips, use the average value volatility to calculate the deviation for each time frame.

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ProfitCoeff - general take profit, which closes the grid of orders. CloseAtMidnight, MidnightProfitCoeff - closing orders by the condition of profit at midnight to avoid swap.

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UseMartingale - simple grid mode without increasing orders or martingale tactics. The settings of the Cobra Night Expert Advisor include: a fixed lot or reinvestment mode, an algorithm for increasing orders by arithmetic or geometric progression, risk ratio and color gamut to display the Kaufman curve and the color of orders on the chart. Technical assets and cross rates show some of the best results with this strategy. Trade time: Ideal - Asian session with no news on the economic calendar.

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Advisor Test Cobra Night It remains only to see the adviser in business. You can find them at the end of this article.

Deposit Overclocking Strategy

In response, this adviser was advised. Let's see how true this is. At the same time, profitability indicators are many times greater than loss. Of course, we would advise you to very closely monitor the accumulating minus of the robot and do optimization for the market not only after reaching the level of declared drawdown, but also with a clear change in market activity.

It is also worthwhile to suspend the adviser on hype over strong news and on the weekend so as not to fall under Monday's geps. Forum discussion.

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