Dusty indicator for options,

dusty indicator for options

How to Use the Dusty Old Strategy The strategy is quite simple because it uses only two indicators, no need to buy a magnifying glass in order dusty indicator for options see the candles on your chart.

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We will use this indicator to show us the trend and trade only in the direction of the trend suggested. This is the point when you start paying attention and patiently wait for a retracement which will be signaled by RF with a move below 0.

When the retracement is over RF will move again above 0, this is when you pull the trigger and place a Call.

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You might want to check out the Volatility tool reviewit can help you determine which currencies are highly active; Although we look for signals on a very short time frame, I recommend that you choose a longer expiry time, something like 4H seems more suited.

Why does this Dusty Old Strategy Suck?


You need hyperactive markets and lately almost all major pairs have ridiculously low daily average movement somewhere around 60 pips and sometimes they travel this distance only on news releases after which they get exhausted and simply die. Feel free to go wild on this one on our forum discussion and remember that the only thing you have to leave unchanged is the basic principle behind the strategy: trend — pullback — continuation.

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