Secrets of making money on bitcoins

secrets of making money on bitcoins

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So what does Bitcoin really offer average investors? One Bitcoin expert has some good answers. Author: Publish date: Sep 20, PM EDT Bitcoin can understandably be both enticing and confounding to novice investors, who see the historic growth in the cryptocurrency but also wonder how investing in digital currencies really works.

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If you want to change that scenario, and invest some of your hard-earned money in Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrenciesone investment expert advises knowing what you're getting into first. Are you investing in cryptocurrency?

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To bone up on Bitcoin, Charleston also advises educating yourself online, through websites like weusecoins. To start trading Bitcoin, Charleston advises researching popular and centralized exchanges such as GDAX, Gemini, Kraken, and Bittrex, all of which allow you to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Network," he adds. Strategy-wise, Charleston says that Bitcoin trading strategies vary widely. Another tip: always enable two-factor authentication protection on your accounts.

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Is Bitcoin too volatile for most regular investors? Not necessarily, Charleston says.

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Yes, Bitcoin is the new kid on the alternative investment block. But with some diligent research, and a certain respect for the risks involved, there is money to be made in crypto-currencies And as Charleston notes, there's really no reason a well-informed investor can't be the one making it.

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