How to make a lot of money in real racing. Best Money-Harvesting Race

how to make a lot of money in real racing

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These tips will be divided into two sections - technique how to drive faster and economical how to conserve and earn money. First up, we have technique.

Learn your braking points Unlike other racing games, there is no braking point marker or suggested line.

Real Racing 3 Earn GOLD While Watching TV

Brake assists work up to a degree, but High will brake way too early and Low will leave it too late. Pay attention to numbered signs metres until the next cornerkerbs, shadows and anything else that may be useful. You can also try learning maximum cornering speeds.

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For example, at Tertre Rouge the limit assuming you take the optimal line is about mph times the square root of your grip, so a car with 1. Adapt your style to the car Each car has its own level of grip and behavior beyond the limit.

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Some cars will still hold their line if you overcook it, but others especially Ferraris will send you into the barrier. Turn off your assists Assists can be helpful to start out, but you should turn them off as soon as possible. Use Tilt B control scheme for the best results.

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Know the track boundaries and use every inch of them You can drive with two wheels off-track and you will still register as on-track and have normal grip. There are also some areas such as how to make a lot of money in real racing inside of the first Mulsanne chicane which would appear off-track but are actually considered on-track by the game.

Adapt your style to the car

If you really urgently need to recover time, cutting some chicanes such as the Ford Chicane before the finish line at Le Mans can save time, but this only really works with traction control off otherwise you lose a lot of speed. You can also do this passively by getting in front of the pack and slowing down or crashing opponents off the track. Your goal is to finish in as long a time as possible or cover as short a distance as possible in Eliminations while still winning.

You may get a better run onto the long straight.

Learn your braking points

Play offline The offline bots are often easier than online bots, especially for Speed Snaps, Speed Records and Endurance events. Go easy on downforce cars The downforce cars F14 T, T2, Lotus TypeMP4-X require a very different driving style because they suffer a severe grip penalty at low speed.

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Now for some economic tips: Spend your Gold sparingly It is the main bottleneck currency. Use the Fame Agent where it pays For most players, every Fame or so earns you 1 Gold on average the earning rate is a little higher for newer players.

16 Ways to get better at Real Racing 3

So if your race pays more than that, use the Agent! The daily rewards can boost that even further.

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Participate in the Time Trials Tournament Once you have a fair number of cars, this can be a good way to earn bonuses and hone your racing line. So if you want to spend a little extra on a car you really like, go for it! Following these tips might help you, but really you should make money fast without money the game how you want to play it.

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