Token decryption

token decryption
Token signing certificates are standard X certificates that are used to securely sign all tokens that the federation server issues. Token decryption certificates are standard X certificates that are used to decrypt any incoming tokens. They are also published in federation metadata.

Learn more. If you know the exact encryption key that was used for a particular token, then you can decrypt it. Decrypting an existing token allows you to view its requirements.

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A token value can be decrypted using any of the following: Decrypt Tool Token Auth page Token Generator Syntax: ectoken3 decrypt KeyNameReplace this term with the encryption key used to generate the token value.

TokenReplace this term with the token value that you would like to decrypt. Custom token generator Leverage our open-source repository to create a custom application to decrypt token values.

In the Token To Decrypt option, paste the desired token value. In the Key to Decrypt option, select the encryption key used to generate that token value. Click Decrypt.

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The requirements for token decryption token will appear next to the Original Parameters label. The Decrypt tool will not be able to decrypt tokens generated with an old encryption key.

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Use the Token Generation executable to decrypt these types of token values. To decrypt a token using the Token Generator executable Extract the Windows or Linux version to a local drive.

Open the command line.

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