Secrets of internet earning sites

secrets of internet earning sites

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of January Video Posts 0 Comments I recently had a conversation with a friend who has just started out with making money from blogging.

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In this video, I summarize what I said. You can look at the variety of Internet marketers and see a whole heap of different methods to do it and approaches to do it. And I asked him for his notes, because he was writing everything down, so that I could share it in a video.

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And this is kind of the stuff that I said to him. Number one, I talked about trying to do something online that you really love. Choose an area, a topic, a niche, an industry, that you have some resonance with, some appreciation for, some passion for.

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Two, those who read what you produce and come across you will feel much more drawn to you if you are passionate about it yourself. I know what will get them purchasing.

So if you have an interest, if you have a passion, then try to center what you do online around that.

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The third thing I said was that you need to be confident. You need to approach this confidently. You need to make offers confidently. You need to approach other secrets of internet earning sites partners confidently. If you are nervously doing those things all the time, people will sense that.

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A quiet confidence will go a long way for you. So work on that aspect of things. Get people around you to encourage you in that as well. So be as confident as you can. The other thing I talked about with my friend today was diversifying what you do, and not just focusing upon one income stream. Now, this is a bit of a tricky one, because if you diversify too much you can end up not really doing anything very well.

One, diversify the topics that I write about.

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In the early days of my own blogging and making money online, I diversified by having a real job as well. When I first started I had three jobs, so I had this diversification, I guess, of the income streams, and that helped me to be much more sustainable in the long term.

You can make money fast on the Internet, but it generally comes after years of building foundations. And so you do need to take a long-term view of things.

You need to see it as an investment. The last thing I guess I said to my friend was that you really need to treat it as a business rather than just an event. Making money online … again, it can happen as an event, it can be these moments where you make money, but most online entrepreneurs actually see it as a business.

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As you release a new product, you need to think about ways of driving traffic back to that product over time. As you do affiliate marketing, you need to build systems that will continue to promote things to your readers using, say, an autoresponder. A lot of people get online, and they produce content, and they think that it will make money by just getting readers.

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So you need to think about it as a business, you need to think about it strategically, and probably one of the main things for me in terms of building a business rather than just having a job online is to actually build products into what you do. Whatever you do, try and work towards having some products that you secrets of internet earning sites sell of your own, and then develop systems around those products to sell them, not just when exclusive indicator for binary options launch them, but in an ongoing way.

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