Who makes money more

who makes money more

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But what happens when you do stumble on this sort of information — and discover that a peer makes more money than you do? How should you react?

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Should you tell your colleague that you know? Talk to your boss? How can you use the information to ask for a raise?

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There are plenty of examples: the Ivy League bonus, the external hire advantage, the he-was-friends-with-the-big-boss-before-he-even-got-here supplement. Not to mention the larger macro issues that affect us all: the gender pay gap and rising income inequality. And do not confront anyone.

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Perhaps the higher-earning colleague has more seniority, more experience, or better qualifications. Maybe he was recruited away from another company. Think, too, about your performance, productivity, and contributions. Talk to your manager The way you found out about the pay discrepancy — whether it was through the rumor mill or because a document was mistakenly left on the copy machine — is not relevant.

But your awareness of the gap most certainly is. What can I do to improve my chances of getting a significant raise at my next review?

Last updated by Audrey Henderson A consequence of the ongoing financial crisis has been a virtual standstill in the average wages earned by American workers.

Do not mention any particular coworker by name if you can help it, advises Menon. Your frustration is understandable, but do your best to stay calm and clear-headed.

When You Find Out a Coworker Makes More Money than You Do

Mention your higher-earning coworker by name during your salary review. Focus on the value you bring to the company.

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Stay in a job if your employer refuses to pay you market value for your role Case Study 1: Do your research before taking a demo trader trading job A few years ago, Adarsh Who makes money more had a good job in marketing — or at least he thought so. After all, he had nearly doubled his salary from his previous job. But when it came time for his salary review, Adarsh did ask for a raise.

When You Find Out a Coworker Makes More Money than You Do

Adarsh was soon promoted to head of marketing but left the job soon after. He says the experience taught him to better prepare for salary negotiations in the future.

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A few weeks later, Erin went back to her boss and asked if she could work from home two days a week instead of one.

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