Priests make money. What is a priest?

priests make money
November 23, Most priests choose their profession to serve their community and help the less fortunate. Some priests take a vow of poverty and give all their possessions to the church as a sign of commitment, but most priests earn enough to live a comfortable life. Becoming a priest is not only a serious spiritual decision but a career choice as well, so it's important to consider the financial impact of this choice and understand the salary and benefits you can expect to receive as a priest.

Religious priests belong to an order, such as the Franciscans or Jesuits. A diocesan priest, or secular priest, works under the stewardship of the bishop of his diocese. A diocese is a religious district that is divided into parishes and governed by a bishop. The bishop assigns priests to parishes. Religious Priest A religious priest, such as the Jesuit, takes a vow of poverty.

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Anything he earns goes to his order, and each order supports its priests. In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service recognizes the vow of poverty, and therefore exempts religious priests from paying federal income tax. Diocesan Priests A diocesan priest does not take a vow of poverty.

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Salaries among diocesan priests vary according to the diocese in which they serve. Compensation is based on the local standard of living.

Duties of a Preacher Catholic priests feel called by God to a lead a life of faith, prayer and service to others. Money is at the bottom of their list of motivators.

Along with priests make money salary, a diocesan priest might receive health insurance, a retirement plan, living quarters and a car allowance. There were approximately 30, diocesan priests in the United States as of the yearaccording to "Roman Catholic Priests," a report posted on the University of Missouri-St.

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Louis website. Other Positions Instead of presiding over a parish or serving as a religious priest, a Catholic priest might take another position.

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Depending on his education, he might be an administrator at a college, preside over a private school, become a hospital chaplain, or serve in some other capacity.

In such cases, income can vary considerably according to the position and circumstances. The position was eligible for additional benefits.

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The job requirements included a Master of Divinity degree. Related Articles.

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