Video tutorials how to make money in

Earn Money Online From Video Tutorials

Are you looking for a way to make money with your blog? Have you thought about making video tutorials? Did you know that you can create free video tutorials that can make you money?

My Best-Performing Tutorials

But I wanted to take it to the next level. What if I created a bunch of tutorials for one specific company and go all in? What was the result? This has shown me the power of creating video tutorials to increase your blogging income. So how do you do this well? Continue reading… Ask These Preliminary Questions There are a few questions you should ask yourself before creating one video for the purpose of making money.

Question 1: Who is your target audience?

5 Ways to Make Money with Videos You Can Get Started in a Day

Who is your target audience? This is such an important question to ask with every piece of content you create. Understanding who your target audience is will help you determine the best content to create for them.

In my example, my target audience consists of people who are interested in building a business with a blog. They want to take their passion and turn it into a business.

They have knowledge to share with the world and know that that by doing so, they will make the world a better place. You should know that from my tagline: Changing the world one blog at a time. Question 2: What are their goals?

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  3. Earn Money Online From Video Tutorials | Jean Galea

What are their goals? What exactly is your target audience trying to accomplish? Are they trying to build a business with a blog? Are they trying to pass their biology class?

video tutorials how to make money in

Are they trying to find a work-life balance? Understanding what their goals are will help you determine how to best help them. Question 3: What tools and resources will they need to help them accomplish their goals? To accomplish any goal in life, you will need certain tools and resources.

Did you know that you can make money with videos? Many people are.

This is the same for the people who come to your blog. What will they need?

Who’s going to watch your YouTube channel?

In my case, I know that my audience will need to get a domain name and hosting account. They will need to install WordPress. They will need an email marketing service. The list goes on and on. Affiliate Partners Knowing this will give me an understanding of what video tutorials I can make to help them.

Ask These Preliminary Questions

Question 4: Do those tools and resources have affiliate programs? Affiliate programs are great for this. Make sure you are able to sign up as an affiliate. Here are my thoughts on how to do this: Choose ONE tool to start Choose one tool to start It would be great to have a wide range of video tutorials on many topics.

video tutorials how to make money in

How do you choose? Start by looking at what you use to accomplish what your audience is trying to accomplish. If it has been useful to you, it will probably be useful to your audience as well. Ask: What will they need to know to use that tool? In order for them to use the tool, they will need to know how to use it. I know — that was redundant.

Ask: What questions will they have when using the tool?

  • Work with brands as an influencer or affiliate.
  • Marketing Ideas and Tips Any hobbyist can produce videos and upload them on YouTube to share with the world.
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  • The moment you start taking things seriously, and believing that you can indeed earn your living from online ventures, many doors will open in front of you.
  • While seasoned video entrepreneurs and video freelancers are making money in a variety of waysit seems we all get our start on YouTube.

If you can answer those questions, they will be more likely to take the action you want them to take. There are a few different choices for the types of video you can create: Screen recording: With this type of video, you are recording your screen and guiding the viewer through how to perform certain actions.

For example, I might be showing how to install WordPress. You on camera: This is where earnings for 24 options are in front of a camera showing them how to do a specific task.

Some options are using your smartphone, a camcorder or even a DSLR.

Copy \u0026 Paste To Earn $5,000+ Using Google (FREE) - Make Money Online

This works very well for teaching, as long as your slides are well done. A Combination: Lastly, you can choose to do a combination of slides, recording your screen and you on camera. This is where you guide them through the steps of the process you are teaching. Then you tell them what you told showed them. This is where you review what has been taught. This really helps to solidify that they learned what they were supposed to learn. Create a Pretty Link for the Affiliate Program Pretty Link plugin This is a very simple step that makes your affiliate links easier to remember.

Trying to remember that can be a huge task. However, you can easily remember iamlesliesamuel. The Pretty Link plugin allows you to easily create these links. There are three steps in this process: Record the videos. We already went through the different emission of fiat money of videos you can create.

video tutorials how to make money in

The number of tutorials will vary depending on the nature of the tutorial you are creating. However, it video tutorials how to make money in be video tutorials how to make money in set of tutorials for one tool. Start creating. Edit the videos. There is so much value that can be added to your tutorials with some quality editing. You can highlight certain features, add text to make your content easier to follow and even remove any mistakes to make your videos tighter.

Export the videos. Publishing your Videos Your videos are recorded, edited and exported. Not putting your tutorials on YouTube is doing yourself a disservice. When uploading your videos to YouTube, there are a few things to keep in mind to give you the biggest bang for your buck: Use clear titles and descriptions. Let people know exactly what they will find in the content of your videos. Create a custom thumbnail for each video. One of the things that increases the chances that people will click through to watch your videos is how compelling your thumbnail is.

Create something unique for each video that stands out. Use clickable annotations. When you mention the resource you are promoting, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to visit the site via your affiliate link.

By using clickable annotations, the viewer can simply click on a section of your video to get to the product or service you are promoting. Use YouTube cards.

video tutorials how to make money in

The problem with annotations is that they only work on desktop browsers and not on mobile devices. Blog Option One: Add individual videos to individual posts This is what I refer to as a resource center. Creating individual posts for each tutorial has multiple benefits: You have multiple posts that can be optimized for the search engines, ultimately increasing your chances of being ranked in the search engines for multiple keyword phrases.

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  • 5 Ways to Make Money with Videos You Can Get Started in a Day or Less
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You are able to include multiple calls to actions throughout your content. You can include calls to action in each of the videos as well in the post for each video. You have multiple posts to promote for different purposes. Add your videos on your blog When creating a resource center with multiple posts, the rules for titles and descriptions are similar to posting on YouTube. Make sure to be clear about the content and value in each tutorial.

It relies on the written content you provide. Blog Option Two: Add videos to one comprehensive post The benefit of adding your videos to one post is that you are able to create video tutorials how to make money in really epic post. Epic posts are usually seen as posts with more value both by your audience and the search engines. Also, you can combine all of your promotional efforts into one post. That can simplify the process significantly. The downside is that you will probably rank for fewer search phrases in Google and other search engines.

You want your audience to be able to easily move from one post to the next. There are two ways to accomplish this: Use a custom sidebar plugin. By doing this, you are able to customize the sidebar that appears on all of the tutorial pages.

You can add links to all of the tutorials in a series. Within the content of each post. Promoting Your Video Tutorials Woohoo, you have your awesome tutorials created, edited and published.

Here are some ways of doing that: Send to your email list This should be the first thing that comes to mind. Your email list is the most targeted audience you have. As soon video tutorials how to make money in your tutorials go live, let them know about it. Promote your Tutorials on your blog Promote your Tutorials on your blog This is another natural way of promoting your content.

You spent all this time creating awesome tutorials. You can promote your tutorials in your navigation or sidebar. However, only do this if it makes sense for you audience. Promote your tutorials on social media Once your tutorials go live, share them on all of the social networks you use to market your blog.

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Your followers need to see the awesomeness you just created. In addition to this, you can add them to your queue for ongoing social media promotion.

The result — the shared it with their audience, brought me on to do webinars for them, hired me as a consultant, and work with me closely to make their product better. Every company loves to be promoted. Reach out to your network Do you know other bloggers whose audiences would benefit substantially from your tutorials?

Share it with them. Wow, that was a lot of content. I will end with a question for you.

Monetize your YouTube videos in the form of currency—whether by earning revenue with video ads or by landing paid sponsorship endorsements—is one way to make money with YouTube. But others are also popping up, such as using Youtube to boost profits in your online business. The good part: Making money with YouTube requires very little effort.

Have you created small bet binary option tutorials to promote affiliate products?

If so, leave a link in the comments area below.

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