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How much money did you make? According to Ng, Mok was working on script for a sitcom and wrote a character with him in mind: a middle-aged Cantonese uncle who works in real estate.

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Ng moved to the U. He then moved to London, to follow a now-ex-girlfriend not named Helen and work as a data scientist for various tech startups before pursuing comedy full-time last year.

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The details, from the staccato manner in which Uncle Roger speaks to the way he props up his leg while sitting something Ng says anyone who has seen middle-aged men gathered in a coffee shop in Malaysia doare all inspired from his own experience. Plus, I think a majority of my fans, or at least half my fans, are Asians from Asia.

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They see their uncles reflected in Uncle Roger. They see their parents reflected in him.

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He hopes to one day take Uncle Roger on the road and is even angling for a big screen role that could reunite him with fellow funnyman Ken Jeong, for whom he opened up in the U. As for what would make Uncle Roger happy? Friends, family, doing the things I like doing, being proud of my work — that actually drives me.

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