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How to Sell Put Options and Snag the Market’s Daily Deals

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You can use options as an investing tool getting paid to buy stocks that you want to own for the long term or as a trading tool.

Have a proven strategy and well understood strategy.

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Be very disciplined with risk management - never allocate a certain percentage per trade, no matter what. Have a portfolio dedicated to trading, separate from your investing portfolio. Most option strategies should have a stop loss in place.

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Trading is about probabilities, so you need a robust strategy to ensure you optimize the probability success at every trade.

The concept of valuation also applies to trades, since implied volatility can drive or reduce premium.

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You should understand how the trade works, which means, you should be able to tell how your strategy gets affected if delta, vega and gama changes. What are the driving factors that enable profitability, what needs to happen.

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Many times a strategy is based on how theoretically an options structure work, but you need out-of-sample to determine how liquidity affects slippage and how commissions can impact a trade. Paper-trade for a year before using real money - provided your strategies were profitable.

The following books are highly recommended to master all these skills: To learn about all different trading options strategies: Get Rich With Options. To learn about temperament and discipline when trading: Trading in the zone, by Mark Douglas; Come into my trading room, by Alexander Elder; Trade your way to financial freedom, by Van K. Regarding tools to analyse a trade, calculate volatility valuation and backtest a strategy: they are all easily available, but they are paid tools.

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If you are into designing trading strategies, then the most comprehensive tool is OptionNet Explorer. These tools only make sense after you understand all the different types of combinations that can options deals done with a strategy - some tools are better tailored for some strategies than others.

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These tools are simply calculators, they will output valid information based solely options deals your input. Start with the books above and be very patient, knowing that it will take months, if not years, to fully master a strategy where you are consistently profitable.

Rod Build a comprehensive portfolio based on Investing and Trading strategies.

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