How much money buzova makes

How much does Olga Buzova earn per month? How much does Olga Buzova earn

Men who filed applications, not confused by the wording of the title of the show.

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Indeed, given the wild popularity of the singer, and most importantly — the level of income, to get married have to really man. According to Forbes magazine Olga Buzova for the year earns 3.

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She is one of the highest paid Actresses in Russia. There were many worthy contenders for this place, for example, or Victoria Bonya Alena Vodonaeva.

Now, it is possible to add another name to this list: Russian celebrity, Olga Buzova.

According to conservative estimates, the average salary of Olga on telestroke in the year exceeds 60 million rubles. This is a million more than the population of Moscow and six times less than that of Philip Kirkorov.

Pavel Slobodkin died cause of death Fans and opponents of the reality show "Dom-2" with inexhaustible curiosity seek out reliable information about the fees of the project participants. Many viewers ask themselves at their leisure: how much does the blonde old-timer Olga Buzova make in a month? Salary for "Dom-2" and other income According to the participants, the contractual obligations of the residents of the TV project are a commercial secret, therefore they have no right to name specific amounts.

Half of these people are teenagers, who really want to be like Olga. The second half — envious, who never miss the opportunity to leave caustic comments. Most often the presenter promotes Spa, nail salon, fashion clothes.


In General, anything that attracts the ladies. A year just on advertising in Instagram Buzova earns about 75 million rubles.

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In an average month Buzova gives eight solo concerts. Concert in St.

What stirs the interest of the audience?

Petersburg was in the spring, the artist fee amounted to 1. Next year definitely again invite Olga to our city.

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According to conservative estimates, by their simple songs in a year she earns about million rubles. And the number of concerts is growing.

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And the artist is rife. In an average month Olga agrees to several of these events, and for the year earns them about 24 million rubles.

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