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What welding jobs pay the most?

Pipe welder Primary duties: Pipe welders repair, maintain and join metal pipes in the construction, energy, car manufacturing, metal fabrication and shipbuilding industries. They play an important role in keeping the water, oil and gas that a country's infrastructure depends on flowing. Pipe welders in the oil and gas industry often work in remote locations and on refineries and oil rigs for long periods. Pipe welders might also work at chemical plants and water or sewage facilities.

Pipe welders help build new pipelines as well as repair current ones. They not only fuse pipes together but also straighten and shape them.

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They should know how to read blueprints, prepare worksites, calibrate equipment, inspect pipes for cracks or leaks, perform pipe maintenance tasks such as applying anti-corrosion coatings and dismantle and assemble pipes. They should know how to do a variety of arc welding techniques. Aerospace welder Primary duties: Aerospace welders work on the materials, parts and equipment on planes, spacecraft and aviation-related structures.

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The metals they work with might include aluminum, titanium, magnesium, carbon steel and stainless steel. They often have to work high in the air on planes and platforms and should be skilled using both manual and automated welding tools. Aerospace welders should also know how to do both gas and electric arc welding.

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Most aerospace welders work in manufacturing, helping build planes, helicopters and other aircraft. Some focus primarily on maintenance and repair. In addition to their hands-on work, aerospace welders also review sketches and blueprints, measure dimensions and inspect materials and equipment for safety.

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Military support welder Primary duties: Military support welders build, fix and maintain military equipment, ranging from vehicles to heavy weapons. To work in this field, welders must complete basic training and skills training with one of the military branches in addition to graduating from high school or vocational school. Some of these professionals are active military members, while others have finished their military careers and work as civilian contractors.

Military support welders should be skilled in multiple types of arc welding and have experience working on steel and aluminum. They also need to know how to read blueprints and specifications and have basic math skills.

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They can find work all over the world on military bases and on-site in war zones. There's a constant need to repair and maintain vehicles and equipment in active combat areas, in particular. Underwater welder Primary duties: Underwater welders are one of the highest-paying welding jobs because they work underwater. They might perform wet welding, meaning the welder is partly or completely submerged in the water while working, using special welding tools.

Or they might do dry welding, meaning they work within a closed, oxygen-filled hyperbaric chamber while under the water.

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Underwater welders need special training and an underwater welder certification in addition to their associate degree. They must also be certified commercial divers and understand barometric pressure and how to operate decompression chambers after diving.

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Some might need underwater photography skills to document and assess submerged pipes and equipment. Places underwater welders might work include offshore oil rigs, ships, bridges, dams, nuclear power plants and any other underwater facility.

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Underwater welders that work at deep make money for a welder or in potentially risky conditions tend to earn the highest salaries. Many work in the oil and gas industry.

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They might also travel frequently between job sites. Certified welding supervisor Primary duties: Certified welding supervisors combine their welding and leadership skills to work in management positions.

They oversee a team make money for a welder welders to make sure they are completing projects safely, properly, on time and within budget.

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Certified welding supervisors typically have many years of experience and supervisor certification from the American Welding Society. Certified welding supervisors are involved in making important decisions, such as what type of materials and welding techniques to use, inspecting welders' work, calculating costs and collaborating with project management.

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