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You will be surprised to know how your home internet can handle the strain. Getty Images The internet's core is managing the spike in traffic just fine, experts say. Internet earnings chock you've had a business video-conference stutter while your teenagers play Call of Duty online, or found yourself unable to stream the news while your spouse uploads huge data files for work, you'll have a good idea of the problem.

The internet's core is managing the spike in traffic just fine, experts say.

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It has massive capacity to handle NetflixYouTubeZoom and other streaming services. True, Netflix recently throttled down its video quality in Europe at the request of authorities there.

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But the company already stores its programs on servers close to users' homes already, and there's no evidence that it's clogging networks. The problem partly lies in the so-called "last mile," the link that connects your home to the ultra-high speed internet backbone.

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Most U. These connections provide faster "downstream" speeds to your home than "upstream" speeds back to the internet. Since videoconferencing sends equal amounts of data both ways, simultaneous sessions can clog the upstream channel and disrupt service for the entire household. If that happens, one quick solution is to have some family members switch to audio-only, which conserves bandwidth.

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This also applies to anyone in multiplayer online games, where - per a wag on Twitter - the banter between players often resembles conference calls with occasional shooting. You could also order a service upgrade, although that might not be strictly necessary. Some providers are temporarily offering more bandwidth, particularly for families with school-age children, in response to the COVID crisis.

Others have dropped service caps that charge extra when data usage passes a certain threshold.

You will be surprised to know how your home internet can handle the strain.

The relatively few U. It might. Start with your internet modem, the device that most likely has a coax cable connecting it to your wall. Your internet provider often rents the modem Internet earnings chock you. If it's several years old, it's probably time to ask your provider if upgrading the Internet earnings chock internal software, or replacing the modem entirely, will help.

Older modems often can't deliver the full bandwidth you're paying for to your household.

Search the site:. Seriously, not only was this article list motivating and well-drafted, the tiny little community of readers truly were a pleasant crescendo I found to be the cause of an inward smile. A lot of them just repeat the same things over and over but this has a few new ones I may have to try.

Next up is your Wi-Fi router. If you have cable, it may be built into your modem.

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If you haven't already, try moving it to a more central location in your home or apartment; that will ensure bandwidth is distributed more equally. Or you can add more access points and distribute Wi-Fi with a "mesh" network. Newer routers let you add several satellite stations that boost your signal throughout the house, though you might have to arrange that with your provider.

One more possibility: You can connect some devices directly to the router with ethernet cables instead of using Wi-Fi. This may improve the performance of videoconferencing.

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Thing is, WiFi is not an exact science and there are so many variables that affect performance. That being said, there are a few simple steps that can improve your experience. Granted, placing it high up in the center of the house is not always viable but you can choose a middle ground.

Even elevating the position of the router to the top of a cupboard or shelf can improve signal and speed significantly. Internet earnings for input other thing you need to be careful about is proximity to metal objects and other electronic equipment microwave ovens, cordless phones in particular.

The further away from these, the better it is. The easy way is to get a WiFi range extender Rs 1, onwards.

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A range extender connects to your existing WiFi network and repeats it to increase coverage. This is usually a good option for a small house.

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A mesh router consists of one main router plus additional nodes that can be placed across the home. When installed, the mesh router setup gives extended coverage without any speed drops. Who's Using Your Bandwidth?

Track via Router — Your router logs any device that is connected to it and this is therefore one of the best ways to track usage.

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Some routers have very confusing interfaces but essentially, you need to look for a section called network information or WiFi status — this is where you can see a list of devices connected to your router. However, you can also use third party apps that help with analyzing your network.

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We recommend using the free version of Capsa www. Both scans your WiFi network for connected devices and show you details regarding IP address, data usage and computer name in an easy to understand visual format — this way you can find out if any unknown device is connected to your network without going through router settings.

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