Option by quantity is. Disable product order when option quantity is 0

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Let me take a stab at this one.

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You need a price rule. Product rule is an optional.

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I don't think you would need a product rule if your product Y is in a separate feature and is the only option available under that feature. Since your product Y is an option for bundle product X, whenever you select product X; product Y will be available. Your product option record for product Y should have "Quantity Editable" deselected since you do not want your reps to edit the quantity manually.

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You should have "Selected" checkbox checked on the option record. Your feature should have Min Options set to 1.

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If your product Y is an option which is available with many other options in the same feature then you would need a product rule. Option by quantity is is how you should build product rule- Keep type of your product rule to be selection.

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Scope should be product. Your error condition should check if the product X is selected.

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Your action then should "add" product Y. Check the "Required" field on product action record. Create a configuration rule for product bundle X.


Here is how you should build Price rule- Set the evaluation scope to "calculator". Calculator Evaluation Event should be "on calculate".

Create a price condition to check if Product Y is present. Create a composite summary variable to calculate Qty of product X divided by 5.

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Create two price actions- 1 Inject above summary variable in Product Y Qty field in first price action. Keep the eval order as 1. Keep the eval order as 2. You should go step-by-step on this one.

You should first try either price rule or product rule and check if it works and then try keeping both active and see if they work.

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Let me know if this helps.

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