Make money online vk

make money online vk

How many subscribers do you need to benefit? Most advertisers prefer to cooperate with public pages in which the daily reach of users exceeds 20 thousand If you have achieved this result, register on the Vkontakte site's advertising exchange and make a decent profit.

Sale of goods and services In this case, you can make money in two ways: By organizing an online store - now many are engaged in ordering goods from foreign sites, such as AliExpress and reselling at a higher cost. How much can you earn on a VKontakte group in this way? It all depends, again, on the number of subscribers, the relevance of the products offered and their prices.


On small products, the owners of the promoted public receive from rubles per dayfor larger entrepreneurs this amount can reach several tens of thousands. Partnership programs To make money on your group, you can use affiliate programs: you sell someone's product, and for this you get a percentage of the cost.

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There are many affiliate programs on the Internet, not all of them offer exactly products - the percentage can be paid: for registration and user spending on a dating site; conclusion of an agreement for the provision of advertising services or website creation; for issuing a credit card at a bank, etc.

You need to choose the right ones that can interest a significant part of the audience of your group, since your earnings directly depend on how much you guess the needs of your audience.

Video placement How to make money on Vkontakte on video? It's quite simple if the number of subscribers in the group is more than 15 thousand people such restrictions are in the rules of the sites below.

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The method works only with live views and is not effective if the number of participants was increased. There are two most popular collaboration services: videoseed.

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Pay per view from 30 to 80 kopecksso it will be easy for each owner to estimate how much you can earn on your Vkontakte public. Community sale Can you make big money selling a public?

Definitely yes.

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The scheme is simple - only 3 steps: you create a public; attract a certain number of subscribers; put up for sale on third-party services. If you develop a VKontakte group for a long time, given the time spent, it will not bring you high income. It is much more profitable to create a specialized community dedicated to the release of a new game or a large-scale event and promote it according to the most popular requests.

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An example of a community where you can buy and sell publics How much the owner of such groups earns on sales is a difficult question, it all depends on the number of subscribers and the topic. There are offers of up to rubles and below for relatively new publics, while a well-publicized community can cost tens of thousands. How much do popular VKontakte groups earn To find out about the earnings of specific groups, you can see how much they are selling ads for this is the most common way to make a profit.

Example 1. Community - placement price - 14 thousand rubles with an audience of almost 4 million subscribers. Example 2. Example 3. Example 4. An important factor that advertisers pay attention to is daily advertising coverage, that is, how many people viewed the ad post. This data is also visible in each screenshot. How to start making money on VK groups - step by step instructions You already know how to make money on groups in contact, now we will tell you step by step what you need to do in order to start earning income.

Payment systems SEOsprint If you have ever been interested in earnings on the boxes, just heard about this site. But among other things, it has a section "Social Networks". It is here where the tasks are hidden, with the help of which you can earn extra money on your page in VK. Payment for tasks is average, while the minimum withdrawal amount is quite small.

To do this, follow 6 steps sequentially. Step 1 Choosing a topic Can be distinguished three main topicsthat allow VKontakte to earn maximum amounts: Step 2 Create a group Almost everyone knows how to create a group in VK: you need to go to the appropriate section on signals for binary options demo account and select the "create a community" item.

Next, you choose its type, come up with a name, fill out a description and the necessary data. Step 3 Content filling To develop a group in contact and make money on it, you need to fill it with interesting and, preferably, unique content.

How to make money on VK? •

For maximum effectiveness, it is necessary to draw up make money online vk schedule according to which the entries will be fasting. For each audience, the hours of activity differ significantly. Therefore, it is important to understand when people who have joined your community are sitting on VK.


For example, for a student audience, posting in the morning is wrong, since students are either sleeping or in pairs. All the work on filling can be done by auto-posting services, which will independently select the appropriate information and post it strictly at the specified time.

What is a community?

Step 4 Promotion I repeat that before you start promoting groups, you need to fill them in at least a little, since no one wants to join empty communities. There are paid and free methods for promotion. Free: Mutual entry - announcements about them can be found or created in the appropriate publics. It is ineffective, since no more than people can be recruited per day who will be inactive. Cheat with automatic free services.

Allows you to attract a larger number per day, but users, as in the previous case, will be inactive. Mutual advertising. An effective method if you have or more subscribers. It consists in finding groups interested in mutual ad placement.

How to make money with VK. Earnings in VKontakte on your page. Video about making VKontakte

Paid: Purchase of intros on specialized services. For good promotion, it requires significant costs, make money online vk most of the users will not be interested in the topic, and some of them will be bots at all. Paid advertising. Effective if you have at least a thousand subscribers. The most common option that everyone has seen is adding an incomplete post with a link to the public.

Step 5 Monetization After the public has collected a certain number of users who have joined, you can start monetizing - making money on the VK group.

Mutual promotion Selling your own products or merchandise The most obvious way to make money on VK, as on every social platform, is to sell your own products or services.

Place ads, add paid videos, participate in mesh trading robot programs and various projects that offer payment for certain actions - placing orders, registering in services, views. Please note that there is always make money online vk certain minimum for withdrawals, and some have an initial time limit. What a beginner can count on I wonder how much VKontakte communities earn from advertising?

The average statistics are as follows: If you have 5 million or more subscribers - from 5 to 20 thousand rubles for 1 advertising publication. From thousand to million people - thousand rubles per post. For smaller communities, the price is individual and depends on a large number of factors: subject matter, age and paying capacity of the audience, and others.

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In general, you can successfully earn money in other social networks. Read on and you might be tempted to create your own YouTube channel. So, we described in detail how you can make money on VKontakte publics and gave approximate income data.

Who is part of the community?

As already mentioned, the benefit depends on many circumstances, and is often very different for the owners of similar groups. Now the main thing is for you to take the first step, knowing that this business can be quite profitable, and, perhaps, soon you yourself can easily tell anyone how you can make big money on social networks.

To make money on a social network, you can use not only promoted communities and publics, but also. The essence of this type make money online vk activity is to complete assignments from advertisers. This can be a post on your wall, a comment with a link to the promoted resource, repost, like.

In the current article, we will figure out in detail how to make money in VKontakte on your page using one popular service. The Socialtools site brings together advertisers and performers on its pages, acting as a link.


You can register in it, both in order to promote your own product, and in order to generate additional income. Working on this site will not cause difficulties even for non-advanced users of the social network, and so that questions do not arise for sure, we will present in detail below. In it we will indicate the entire path from registration to the withdrawal of earned funds.

After that, fill out the profile: provide your gender, date of birth, country and city of residence.

What should be the page for making money on VKontakte

You should indicate the real data of the page, since the service workers regularly check the entered information. In case of non-compliance, you can get a ban.

This will require: Hover over the gear icon in the upper right corner. Select the item "Accounts and sites". On the new page, click on the line "Add account".

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Select "VKontakte" from the pop-up list. Allow the application to access the social network account. A block with a link to the profile, name and surname of its owner will appear in the system window.

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If everything is correct, it remains to click the "Save" button. In this article we will talk about how to make money on Vkontakte. How much can you earn: from rubles per day.

Minimum Requirements: none.

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