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Real wages
Real income is how much money an individual or entity makes after accounting for inflation. It is sometimes called real wage when referring to an individual's income. Individuals often closely track their nominal vs. There are a few inflation measures an individual can use when seeking to calculate real income. Savvy individuals and most businesses keep a close watch on the economic inflation rate, using it as a basis for investment in risk-free vehicles.

Jean Murray Updated September 17, Businesses are set up to make money for their owners. The business must continue to make money to stay in business.

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This "money" that the business makes is determined by how much money the business takes in, minus how much the business spends to make this money. There are three terms that describe this process of "making money.

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Net income is the same as the "profit" of a business, or its "earnings. Gross Income vs.

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Net Income "Gross" in accounting is a general term meaning an amount from all sources before anything is taken away. The term "net" means that some amount is taken away.

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A business gross income also called gross receipts is all the income the business received from all sources before subtracting costs or expenses.

Earnings for Individuals, Investors, or Internet earnings without invitations The term " earnings " is a special case because it can be used for both businesses and individuals.

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An individual can have earnings from wages or salary or from other payments. For example, you can have Social Security earningswhich are credited to you toward your Social Security benefit. For a business, the term " earnings per share " is a way to measure the health and profitability of the company.

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Earnings are shown for individual shareholders and for the corporation as a whole. The term "earnings per share" relates to how the earnings of a corporation are divided among the individual shareholders.

Accounting earnings may have rebounded from lows, but economic earnings —which reverse accounting distortions and account for the weighted average cost of capital WACC —remain in a persistent downturn. Figure 1 shows this trend across the U. This disconnect between accounting earnings and economic earnings is not just due to a handful of companies. Six out of 11 sectors currently have misleading earnings GAAP rising and economic earnings falling.

Again, since the terms mean the same thing, either title can be used. These are all legitimate business expenses. Any depreciation expenses and taxes are shown as separate deductions.

For most U.S. workers, real wages have barely budged in decades

This article on Profit and Loss Statements has an example statement. After all the calculations, the resulting figure is the net income or profit or earnings of the business.

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If the Business Has a Loss Of course, a business may not bring in enough income to cover its expenses. In this case, the expenses and other reductions are greater than the income of the business. A special kind of tax loss, called a net operating lossseparates a loss from normal operations of the business from investment losses capital lossesnonbusiness deductions, only real earnings on the net other non-operating losses.

The amount of an excess loss can be carried over to a future tax year.

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