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While the results of getting braces or Invisalign will help you combat oral health issues, you will be more vulnerable to tooth decay during your orthodontic treatment.

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However, you can also think of this time as a unique opportunity to have more fun with your smile. Orthodontics has definitely changed over the last couple decades, but one thing remains the same: Patients are still looking for ways to speed up treatment and get their perfect smile sooner. Is it really possible to make orthodontic treatment go faster?

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One of the biggest things that deters people from starting treatment with braces is the high visibility of the brackets and wires.

Despite seeming old-school, traditional silver braces are still an excellent way to straighten teeth, which makes some patients wonder if the braces need to be on the front of their teeth, or if… Why Orthodontic Patients Love the iTero Scanner In our world of ever-growing technology, we strive for accuracy, speed and reliability, and when it comes to your orthodontic treatment, you expect nothing less than perfection.

Laura Milnor The technology of clear aligner therapy or Invisalign has become increasingly capable of correcting most all smile and bite problems. Additionally, clear aligners are comfortable, convenient, and often require fewer appointments.

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However, it can be exciting to discover the options available to you that can make treatment more affordable. One great financial option to look into is a flexible savings account FSA. Many patients are only familiar with some of the more common malocclusions, or issues with the teeth; however, open bites occur just as often as any of the other alignment problems, and when not addressed, they can….

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