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No trend lines or indicators are needed. The Setup The channel is simply a high point or low point within a recent trading period. Like the Moving Average Breakout, the building trend channels the look back period, the less whipsaw, but the greater open profits that can be left on the table.

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When exceeded, these two levels become our entry points. With the use of software such as Amibroker you can automate the signals each day.

InI was able to talk to companies one on one about their channel strategy and programs, including of those face to face. I received 78 briefings from the technology companies that are inventing new ways to automate and scale indirect sales. I also had the honor of speaking over 40 times to tens of thousands of channel professionals globally and participating in countless webinars and podcasts.

Once the boundaries of the channel have been established we place a Buy Stop to enter long above the upper boundary or a Sell Stop to enter short below the lower boundary.

Place a Buy Stop 1 cent above the upper boundary and a Sell Stop 1 cent below the lower boundary.

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You will know these levels before the opening of trading the next day and can comfortably set these levels within your online broking platform well in advance.

Long Channel Breakout Entry: Short Channel Breakout Entry: If the Channel boundaries are not breached, simply move the Channel along the extra day and adjust your entry boundaries for the next trading session. This will continue until you have entered the market, either long or short.

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