How to make money on the Internet knowing python. Earn money freelance coding python Jobs, Employment | Freelancer

how to make money on the Internet knowing python

How to Go Full-Time (00/m) as a Python Freelancer | Finxter

Related posts Are you broke? Especially in the US, but also in Europe, many people are broke. What is the definition of broke? But is this debt really a problem? Because if you are skilled, you can always sell your service at a higher rate.

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Suppose there are two employees: Bob and Alice. Bob is debt free.

If you already have a full time job you can use many of the below suggestions as a way to build a side hustle and further grow your skills like I am doing. Setting and recording your goals in this way will help empower you to finish them faster as well!

So many people would consider Bobs financial state as convenient when in fact he is broke. What happens after two years?

Alice can easily outsave Bob by tens of thousands of The best binary options trading platform — even if she starts with a lot of debt.

You can also see this scenario on the right-hand figure. How to make money on the Internet knowing python higher the skills, the more you can expect to earn. How much money do you earn per hour? Do you actually know how much money you currently earn?


An average employee works for hours per year. First, know your hourly wage. Second, improve it. Develop your new high-income skill: Python development! So how to increase your value to the marketplace?


This article and the associated free webinar have two goals: First, creating a new high-income skill for you: Python development. Second, show you how and why to switch the road from being a full-time employee to being at least part-time self-employed. On the graphic, you can see the income distribution of Python freelancers. This means that an average, self-employed Python freelancer easily reaches the income level of a university professor. Think about this: can you become a university professor?

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About me You are probably wondering why I am qualified to teach you this topic. Let me quickly introduce myself so that we can go to a more personal level. My research included processing large graph data sets like the web document graph.

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However, for a few months now, I have parental leave caring about my two children. Why to become Python freelancer?

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How would your life look like if you only needed to work part-time as a Python freelancer doing projects you like? I have already stressed the first point: Imagine you work from home and see your kids growing up and having the flexibility to spend more quality time with your wife or husband. But there is also an equally important point if you need to take care of your family.

And that is: you can increase your value to the marketplace. And there is virtually no upper limit of your hourly rate.

Need to hire a freelancer for a job?

It all depends on how expensive you can make yourself for the marketplace. For some of my students, being a Python freelancer is also a lifestyle choice.

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For example one of my students is successfully employed in the US and earns good money there. But his dream is to go back to India to his family working as a Python freelancer.

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Doing this, he earns dollars and pays rupees for his living expenses. Why not enjoying the benefits of globalization? Finally, being a Python freelancer is also a lot of fun.

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You have to stretch your abilities regarding Python but also regarding soft skills such as communication ability and language skills. Can you already see yourself working as a Python freelancer? There are basically three ways of becoming a Python freelancer. The first is being a consultant working for a big company.

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