One hundred percent option

The Stock Option Plan for Directors.

Cent meansso it literally means per hundred.

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If one hundred percent option had peryou're dealing with the whole, but now we have more than a whole. We have per We can actually write this as a ratio, or as a fraction.

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This is the same thing as per So let's shade that in. So we have a whole here, so we could consider this square a whole.

Meaning of 109%

In the last video, we counted. This is a 10 by 10 square.

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It is cut up into pieces. So if we want of those pieces, what are we talking about?

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That means we're going to shade in all of the right over here. Let me do that in a new color.

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So we'll shade in all of this. I think you're getting the meaning of all of this.

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I don't just want you just memorize this stuff. This really just means out ofor a whole. And you can see that this is the whole square.

One Hundred Percent - Black/White

That's out of right there. We already did perbut we need to do another 9, so let's shade in another 9.

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So now we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. So this piece right here, you could almost view that is-- well, that is!

Hopefully, that made sense.

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