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Complaint filed.

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October 6, FDA: Facility registration renewal: All facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or store food for U. Congress has yet to renew. On renewal, there will be instructions on how to file a refund requests for duties and fees.

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Albion Engineering Company, D. The update includes additional goods from France and Germany. July 27, Commerce: Changed circumstances review announced : Off-grid solar panels.

Herewith, the latest news affecting international trade. Thereafter, all articles of Chinese origin appearing on the retaliation lists activated by the USTR will become subject to supplemental Section retaliatory tariffs. The Biden Administration has indicated that it does not plan to lift the Trump tariffs immediately after taking office. It will use the tariffs as leverage to try to negotiate trade concessions from China. Importers of targeted goods from China will need to continue to exercise diligence regarding tariff classification, Customs valuation and country of origin issues.

July 20 Senate: Sen. Meixin in Xinjiang, China.

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Haolinwho operate in the Xinjiang region. Department of Commerce Report. For information available via this Federal Register notice April 24, Mexico announces as well.

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English version by google translate. See docket. If you have a PPE product to share, covidsupplies fema.

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For those who have product to sell nveoc max. March 26, DHS Secretary has designated CISA to execute Emergency Support Function 14 ESF14 which supports the coordination of cross-sector operations, including stabilization of key supply chains and community lifelines, among infrastructure owners and operators, businesses, and their government partners. CISA is building and expanding the community.

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March 26, Beward of Covid product fraud, such as fake medical test kits.

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