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To His Excellency Isaac I. Stevens, Governor of Washington Territory. Sir: Being stimulated with a desire to meet your wishes and forward the views of Government, I have earnings on the Internet without moisture denig the following pages endeavored to answer the Inquiries published by act of Congress regarding the history, present condition, and future prospects of the Indian tribes with which I am acquainted. Had I been called upon to illustrate the facts herein recorded by reference to their different individual histories and actions, a more voluminous and perhaps interesting work might have been presented the general reader, but in conformity to the instructions laid down in the document referred to, have only replied to the various queries, limiting the answers to plain statements of facts.

Independent of my own personal observation and knowledge acquired by a constant residence of 21 years among the prairie tribes in every situation, I have on all occasions had the advice of intelligent Indians as to the least important of these queries, so as to avoid, if possible, the introduction of error. Should there be new ideas presented, and the organization, customs, or present condition of the Indians made public in the following manuscript differ either materially or immaterially from any other now extant I would beg leave to say I would much rather have the same rejected than to see it published in a mutilated form or made to coincide with any histories of the same people from others who have not had like opportunities of acquiring information.

Обе группы обменялись слегка натянутыми приветствиями. "Комиссия по расследованию" поняла, что Элвину известно, куда они направлялись, и эта неожиданная встреча поставила их в невыгодное положение. - Боюсь, что прошлой ночью сбил вас с толку, - ободряюще сказал Элвин. - Я прибыл в Лис не прежним путем, так что ваша попытка перекрыть его была совершенно излишней. Кстати, Совет Диаспара, со своей стороны, тоже перекрыл его - и также не добился успеха.

Some of their customs and opinions now presented, although very plain and common to us who are in their daily observance, may not have been rendered in comprehensible language to those who are stranger to these things, and the number of queries, the diversity of subjects, etc. In the event, therefore, of not being understood or of apparent discrepancies presenting, it would be but justice done the author and patron to have the same explained, which would be cheerfully done.

The whole has been well digested, the different subjects pursued in company with the Indians for an entire year, until satisfactory answers have been obtained, and their motives of speech or action well understood before placing the same as a guide and instruction to others. The answers refer to the Sioux, Arikara, Mandan, Gros Ventres, Cree, Crow, Assiniboin, and Blackfeet Nations, who are designated as prairie roving or wild tribes, further than whom our knowledge does not extend. I am aware of your capacity to judge the merits of the work, and will consider myself highly honored if I have had the good fortune to meet your approbation.

Moreover, I shall rejoice if I have contributed in any degree toward opening a course of policy on the part of Government that may result in the amelioration of the sad condition of the savages. Should the facts herein recorded ever be published or embodied in other works, it is hoped the errors of language may be corrected, demo account on binary options 24option in no instance is it desired that the meaning should miscarry.

Should any references be required by the department for whom this is written I beg leave to name as my friends and personal acquaintances in addition to your Excellency, Col. Mitchell, Kenneth Mackruger, Esq. De Smet, Messrs. Chouteau, Jr. Culbertson, Esq. Louis, and Dr.

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John Evans, United States geologist, any of whom will satisfy inquiries on this head. Permit me, my dear friend, to remain with great respect and high consideration, truly your most obedient servant, Edwin T. As a portion of people, however, once inhabiting another district and being incorporated with another nation, their history presents a connected and credible chain of circumstances.

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The Assiniboin were once a part of the great Sioux or Dacotah Nation, residing on the tributary streams of the Mississippi; say, the head of the Des Moines, St.

Peters, and other rivers. After their first separation from the Sioux they moved northward, making a peace with the Cree and Chippewa, took possession of an uninhabited country on or near the Saskatchewan and Assiniboin Rivers, in which district some or lodges still reside. Some time after the expedition of Lewis and Clark, or at least after the yearthe rest of the Assiniboin, at that time about 1, lodges, migrated toward the Missouri, and as soon as they found superior advantages regarding game and trade, made the latter country their home.

  • Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri, by Edwin Thompson Denig. — a Project Gutenberg eBook
  • М-м.

Even yet there are two or three Indians living who are marked by the disease of that period and which greatly thinned their population, though owing to their being separated through an immense district, some bands entirely escaped. Upon the whole it does not appear to have been as destructive as the same disease on the Missouri inwhich I will have occasion to mention in its proper place in these pages and which reduced them from 1, lodges to about lodges.

Name and Geographical Position. As has been stated, at the earliest date known they roved about the head of St.

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The number of Assiniboin when they separated must have been at least 1, lodges, averaging six souls to a lodge [or about 9, persons]. Their migration has been referred to and the extent of land they occupied in the British territory on the Saskatchewan, etc.

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The northern Assiniboin, or lodges, rove the country from the west banks of the Saskatchewan, Assiniboin, and Red Rivers in a westward bitcoin cords to the Woody Mountains north and west among small spurs of the Rocky Mountains east of the Missouri, and among chains of small lakes through this immense region.

The rest of the Assiniboin, say butterfly for options lodges [who may be called the Southern Assiniboin], occupy the following district, viz. Formerly they inhabited a portion of country on the south side of the Missouri River along the Yellowstone River, but of late years, having met with great losses by Blackfeet, Sioux, and Crow war parties, they have been obliged to abandon this region and now they never go there.

As before remarked, the Assiniboin still numbered 1, to 1, lodges, trading on the Missouri until the yearwhen the smallpox reduced their numbers to less than lodges. Also, being surrounded by large earnings on the Internet without moisture denig hostile tribes, war earnings on the Internet without moisture denig had its share in their destruction, though now they are increasing slowly.

Ancient and Modern Habitat. Superstitious, lazy, and indisposed to thought, they make no attempt to improve themselves in any way. Neither are they anxious that others should teach them; consequently they are far behind the other tribes even as regards their own savage manner of life.

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This will receive further explanation. They do not think the Great Spirit created them on or for a particular portion of country, but that he made the whole prairie for the sole use of the Indian, and the Indian to suit the prairie, giving among other reasons the fact that the buffalo is so well adapted to their wants as to meat and clothing, even for their lodges and bowstrings.

To the Indian is allotted legs to run, eyes to see far, bravery, instinct, watchfulness, and other capacities not developed in the same degree in the whites. The Indian, therefore, occupies any section of prairie where game is plentiful and he can protect himself from enemies. With regard to any other kind of right than that of possession and ability to defend, besides the general right granted by the Great Spirit, they have not the most distant idea. The Assiniboin conquered nothing to come into possession of their habitat, they had their difficulties with surrounding tribes and still have, as others have, and continue as they commenced, fighting and hunting alternately.

Their first interview with Europeans now spoken of was when the traders of the Mississippi pushed their traffic as far as their camps, and from whom they obtained firearms, woolen clothing, utensils, etc.

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Afterwards these supplies were had from the Hudson Bay Co. There is every reason to believe that the introduction of ardent spirits among them was coeval, if not antecedent, to that of any other article of trade. They made with these rude tools their bows and arrows, pointing the latter with stone, and, as game was abundant, hunted them on foot or threw them into pens built for the purpose, which method they continue to use to this day.

In this way they had no difficulty in supporting themselves, and so contend that they have gained nothing by intimacy with the whites but diseases which kill them off in numbers and wants which they are unable at all times to gratify.

They have never sold lands by treaty, and the only treaty with the exception of that at Laramie, was made by them through an Indian agent of the United States named Wilson, at the Mandan village in But this was merely an amicable alliance for the protection of American traders and an inducement held out to the Indians to leave off trading at the Hudson Bay Co.

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Vestiges of Early Tradition. It is easy to perceive in converse with them that whites have from time to time endeavored to explain the Mosaic account of the creation and deluge, together with other scriptural records, but instead of comprehending the same they have mixed with their own superstitions and childish notions in so many various and nonsensical forms that none is worthy of record.

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They have no name for America, neither do they know of its extent, for the most part believing that the lands occupied by themselves and the surrounding tribes compose the greatest part of the world, and certainly contain the greatest reputed number of people. It vexes and grieves them to be told of large tracts of land elsewhere, and they do not or will not believe the whites to be as human as they are.

There is nothing in this subject any Assiniboin could either comprehend or answer, except that there is a mound about 50 miles above the mouth of the Yellowstone on the west side and near the Missouri consisting of an immense pile of elk horns, covering an area of about an acre of ground, and in height about 30 feet. We have frequently inquired of these and the surrounding nations as to its origin, but it was raised previous to the knowledge or even tradition of any tribe now living in these parts.

According to hundreds of emails reviewed by Isthmus, the mayor's office closely scrutinized his performance and frequently offered advice in the months before his negotiated resignation, effective Sept.

From the state of decay the horns are in it must be very ancient. True, they have occasionally gained a battle, but at other times have lost greatly by wars. Upon the whole they have had the worst of it; at least they, being a smaller nation than the Blackfeet and Sioux their enemies have felt the loss more severely.

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  2. Олвин должным образом усвоил все это, но не предпринял никаких попыток к тому, чтобы увидеться с Хедроном.
  3. Олвин оказался перед выбором, который он отказывался принимать.
  4. Значительная часть потребляемых здесь пищевых продуктов самым натуральным образом выращивалась, а не синтезировалась по технологии, выработанной еще столетия .
  5. Олвину странно было, что кто-то может задаваться столь элементарным вопросом, и его надежды узнать что-нибудь новенькое стали тускнеть.
  6. Пока они шли вдоль туннеля, через который в Диаспар врывался холодный ветер, Джезерак не ощущал страха.

The principal calamity that first overtook them, and by which they suffered greatly, was the smallpox in On this occasion they lost about lodges of their people, and it is to this day mentioned by them as their greatest first misfortune. In the spring of this disease was again communicated to them, being brought up the Missouri by a steamboat, and although every precaution had been used, the boat cleansed, and no appearance of disease for a long time aboard, yet it in some way broke out among the Indians, beginning with the Sioux tribes and ending with the Blackfeet.

Being an eyewitness to this, earnings on the Internet without moisture denig can with certainty give an account of its ravages.

When the disease first appeared in Fort Union we did everything in our power to prevent the Indians from coming to it, trading with them a considerable distance out in the prairie and representing to them the danger of going near the infection. All efforts of the kind, however, proved unavailing, for they would not listen, and lodges contracted the disease at one time, who in the course of the summer and fall were reduced to 65 men, young and old, or about 30 lodges in all.

Other bands coming from time to time caught the infection and remained at the fort, where the dead were daily thrown into the river by cartloads. The disease was very virulent, most of the Indians dying through delirium and hemorrhage from the mouth and ears before any spots appeared. Some killed themselves.

On one occasion an Indian near the fort after losing his favorite child deliberately killed his wife, his two remaining children, his horses and dogs, and then blew his own brains out.

Water chief walked a tightrope

In all this the Indians behaved extremely well toward the whites, although aware they brought the disease among them, yet nothing in the way of revenge took place, either at the time or afterwards. Being obliged to be all the time with them, helping as much as possible to save a few, they had plenty of opportunities should they have wished to do damage.

Every kind of treatment appeared to be of no avail, and they continued dying until near the ensuing spring, when the disease, having spent itself, ceased. The result was that out of 1, lodges and upward of the Assiniboin then in existence but lodges or less remained, and even these but thinly peopled.

Relationship by blood or adoption was nearly annihilated, all property lost or sacrificed, and a few very young and very old left to mourn the loss. Most of the principal men having died, it took years to recover from the shock. Young men had to grow up, new leaders to be developed, remnants of bands to be gathered together, property to be had—in fact, under all these adverse circumstances, so slow has been the increase that during the interim of 17 years but lodges have accumulated.

In times like this no leader can be effective.

All counsel was rejected; their chiefs and divining men shared the fate of the others. With the Mandan the disease was even more destructive. Before it they numbered warriors and inhabited two large villages where the Arikara are now stationed, and when the disease ceased about 30 men remained, from which remnant have since sprung about 25 lodges.

These died in greater proportion than the others and after the disease had disappeared the old chief found himself at the head of about 60 fighting men. The Gauche was a very old man and had had the smallpox in the north; he was also famed in their annals as a leader and divining man.

He had been very successful in his expeditions against the Blackfeet, and by the use of poisons administered occasionally to his people, while predicting their death, he had inspired in all the fear of a sorcerer. His life contains a history which our limits do not admit of describing, although well known, singular, interesting, and authentic.

On this occasion he understood that the Mandan were rendered totally helpless by the effects of the smallpox, and conceived the idea of taking their village and in a measure retrieving his losses by the horses and other property of these Indians.

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