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I agree to the terms of processing of my personal data Fill in your number What income does the cryptocurrency vending machine genetate? The cvm are equipped with a professional passport scanner to verify users on the exchange the function will be available from July 4.

Some Bitcoin ATMs offer bi-directional functionality enabling both the purchase of Bitcoin as well as the sale of Bitcoin for cash.

The percentage of the daily commission for the use of money on the cryptomat buy of cryptocurrency owner of the terminal sets independently. On average, the turnover of the established terminals from 2 to Bitcoins in the first month of work with 2 months of work increased to 15 bitcoins. Provided that another 6 cryptocurrencies have been added, the profit grows.

cryptomat buy

What directly affects the profit? Commission set by the owner of the terminal for sale. It is also important to understand that, in some cases, you can set an exclusive commission to certain individuals. This is all done through a personal account.

cryptomat buy

Example: a standard commission of 6 percent is set for all buyers. But there are a number of people who regularly buy Cryptocurrency in large volumes through the terminal, which allows you to specifically set preferential terms for them.

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The telephone number of the person is entered into the cryptomat buy of your customers and it is to this number that a separate commission is assigned. At the verification step, when a person enters his phone number — and when he receives an SMS — is identified in the terminal — he automatically receives a preferential percentage. An important criterion for the profitability of the Cryptomat is the placement.

The more targeted traffic, the better.

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We strongly recommend installing terminals in places where cryptocurrency is most in demand: namely, Central markets, large hotels, shopping centers with high traffic. The main consumers of cryptocurrencies are: investors, traders, entrepreneurs who invest in cryptocurrency or pay for goods cryptomat buy cryptocurrency. Public awareness of the opportunity to buy Cryptocurrency in the Cryptomat.

cryptomat buy

When buying a Cryptomat, we notify our partners in every possible way in your city and place the location of your cryptomatics on cryptomat buy public pages where anyone who wants to buy cryptocurrency can see your Cryptomat Also, our software allows us to inform customers about changes and preferential conditions for the sale of Cryptocurrency, as well as about the location of the Cryptomat in whatever city you are in, using the Chat Bote. How much does the terminal cost and how much real time will it take to pay back my investment?

The cost of Cryptomat depends on the type of cryptomat.

cryptomat buy

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