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February 13, What is Modern Trade? It helps you assign leads to your subordinates or manager in just few seconds. This will avoid unnecessary calling to sales employees regarding their lead generation.

Order fulfillment time Can be accommodated at different times Has to be specific to pre-decided time-slots missing which might raise a penalty on the distributor Economies of scale Retailers can absorb cost and give promotional discounts to drive purchases Credit cycle Long customized The main difference, as you might have seen, is that the distribution is more organized in modern trade.

These retailers often deal directly with the manufactures. Many large supermarket chains have vertically integrated to offer their own brands in groceries and apparel.

The focus is on giving the customer a good buying experience modern trading value for money.


And to sustain this, they require a potent logistics management system backing them. Modern retailers maintain their fill rate above their safety stock minimum stock they require to fulfill immediate demand, and which is also a trigger to reorder the product to balance the inventory along the economic order quantity minimizing carrying and ordering cost while increasing total demand fulfillment.

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This requires them to be particular about their delivery windows. They have clear time-slots for each product replenishment and they often penalize distributors if the delivery time-slot is missed or delayed. Since the modern retailers occupy a sizeable business for the distributors, the distributors or manufacturers turn to technology to support better schedule and route planning for modern trading deliveries. By leveraging cloud-based technology, last mile delivery can be optimized for such distribution networks, bringing in organized patterns within the industry.

The planning engine would suggest the best journey plan for the agents.


For example, if each visit to a retail outlet caters to only one product category, then the field agent can be trained to be well versed in that category and drive higher revenue for the distributor.

Similarly, each other day the retail outlet would be visited a different field agent with a different product category. This would control the order taking process and lead times within the network.

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It would also better the relationship between the retailer modern trading the category-specific field agent. Route optimization for the field agents can help them cater to more outlets in a single day.

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This would increase field resource utilization and drive overall product category revenue. Once the order is processed, the distributor or manufacturer can plan the delivery schedules to sustain the promised lead times and fill rates across the distribution network.

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Considering the specific delivery time-slots for each retailer, the distributor modern trading maximize the capacity of the vehicles while ensuring on-time delivery for all the handover points.

Capacity optimization of the vehicles brings down overall logistics movement costs while increasing resource utilization.

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Optimization of delivery routes can further help ensure on-time deliveries by avoiding local traffic conditions. Fastest routes with minimum distance traveled while fulfilling deliveries at multiple retail outlets can bring down over fuel consumption.

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Crate and unit level tracking of each merchandise by electronically recording the details within a logistics optimization system such as LogiNext Mile, at the time of loading and unloading helps bring transparency in the delivery process. Real-time tracking of each vehicle helps distributors be more agile and responsive in case of any delay or detention.

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Validation and authentication of each delivery through electronic proof of delivery help reduce invoice-based errors and streamlines the credit cycle. Optimization of the distribution network can help organize traditional trade and generate more value for all the stakeholders involved namely the retailers, the distributors, the manufacturers, and the end-customers.

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