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How Do Internet Companies Profit With Free Services?

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That's why different platforms such as Airtel Zero and Facebook's Free Basics triggered such a debate about net neutrality, and why zero rating or making sites free to access can be bad for the users. It's been over a year since this debate really kicked off in India and the issues are still developing, but there are a number of apps on the market that are offering users free data, without any exclusivity or limitations.

TELUS reports operational and financial results for third quarter 2020

All these apps are for prepaid users. Here's what we found: 1 Gigato Probably one of the best known apps in the category, Gigato has been around for a while and allows users to "earn" data on the app, which can then be redeemed from your carrier.

The way it works is simple - just install the Gigato app, and it will show you a number of apps you can try or use to earn data.

Kangana Ranaut vs Shashi Tharoor on Twitter on this topic - Check who said what and viral tweets Earn money online: The internet is not just for getting news or consuming entertainment gossip. The growing use of smartphones has made it easier for people to earn a handsome amount of money via legitimate activities on certain mobile apps. Nowadays more and more people are coming up with their own businesses on the internet and making money online from the ease of their homes.

The earned data is usually a little higher than the used data, so although the initial usage is cut from your data plan, you come out ahead. When you launch the app, you can see a list of mobile internet earnings apps you already have on your phone, and Gigato will also recommend other apps you can install to get data benefits.

In a regulatory filing on Thursday, LG Uplus said it raised

Since Gigato includes many popular apps, it probably won't require you to change your habits to get a little extra cash on the side, which is great. Get Gigato on Google Playfree.

While Gigato gives you recharges for using mobile data on apps, Earn Talktime pays out money which can be used to pay mobile internet earnings prepaid recharges when you download apps.

So, you can make Rs. Downloading Lybrate and then asking one question on the app will earn you Rs.

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  • All information pertaining to shares outstanding and per-share amounts in this news release for periods before March 17,reflects retrospective treatment of the two-for-one share split.
  • Messenger For many of us, access to the Internet through a variety of means is a given.
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You also earn money for referring friends, and you can then use this to recharge your data via your mobile operator. From what we've found through searching online, there have been no reports of privacy problems with this app, and our own usage showed that it works without any real problems, but considering that Earn Talktime incentivises specific actions you should be aware of potential privacy concerns with this kind of app. Get Earn Talktime on Google Playfree.

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There are some checks in place to keep people from gaming the system, but for users, Paytunes actually fits into the day to day flow of actually using your phone. The payouts aren't very high - mobile internet earnings have to answer at least three calls to get 1 Rupee worth of points in the app, but even if you get around 15 calls in a day, that works out make money on the Internet e a payout of Rs.

5 Net Neutral Apps That Give You Free Mobile Internet Data | NDTV Gadgets

Get Paytunes on Google Playfree. The concept is so simple that it doesn't really need to be explained.

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You can watch the ads over Wi-Fi, and don't need to download or use any other apps. It's just like the apps you watch on TV, except that here, you aren't forced to watch an ad in the middle of your shows, it's just something you're doing for a little talk time. It's not the most convenient way to consume ads, but getting paid Rs.

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That money can then be used to recharge your phone, so you can use the money for mobile data. This means that when you're recharging your phone, using any of these apps can get you a great deal.

The specific deals vary on a day to day basis, so keep one or two of the apps you liked the most installed on your phone, and check these before hitting the recharge button to save a little more money.

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These are the five methods of getting free Internet access we found that worked. Have you tried any of these?

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What was your experience like? Tell us about that, or any other similar apps you liked, via the comments.

  • TELUS reports operational and financial results for third quarter Toronto Stock Exchange:T
  • By Investopedia Updated Feb 1, It may seem contradictory that companies that operate Internet businesses are able to make substantial profits each year despite offering their services for free.
  • Mobile internet usage is rising while desktop internet usage continues to fall.
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  • How do Internet companies profit if they give away their services for free?

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