How to start from scratch to make money

32 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

Consistency is the key. What is a Blog? A Blog is a Website that is regularly updated with content which is displayed in reverse chronological order that either educates or entertains the reader. How do bloggers make money blogging?

By continuously blogging about your expertise, people will start recognizing you in your field. Let me give you a small example. They understand how complicated it is and instead of building it themselves, contact me and hire me to build their website.

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And voila! So, this is the secret sauce to bagging clients. This bag is made of GSM paper. Not only does having a blog make you look super professional, but it becomes very easy for your potential clients to find you and contact you.

And a Blog works for any field!

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And after launching my current website and continuing to blog, I slowly watched my email Inbox explode with Illustration requests. The process is simple. See how easy-peasy it is? A blog helps you make money online Boy, I wish we had trees like this in real life… Every Polly, Molly and Dolly is starting a blog these days.

The main reason being, it gives you flexibility.

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People can make money online without having to work from The investment is low and the pay-offs are high! When it comes to Blogging, your earning potential is limitless because there are tons of ways to make money blogging. No doubt, when you initially start your blog, you have to put in a lot of effort to get it off the ground by writing damn good content consistently. You can read my 6th Month Blogging Income Report here. A blog helps you build a Brand Similar to what I said earlier, your blog will help you establish your Brand.

32 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

This is very important if you want to pave a way for your personal Success. No matter what you want to be in the future, a Blog is a great way to get eyes on your brand and start a Business.

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A Blog tells people your story. Whether you want to sell digital products like eCourses or eBooks, or be known as a Speaker, or just make a name for yourself, your Blog will help you get there.

As you keep publishing posts that help establish your authority, you will create new opportunities for you in your field of Business. It will only go further up from here. I started my first blog in as a hobby. It was called Mary Angela Designs. And for a whole year, I made peanuts.

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Well, not peanuts. Because peanuts… you can sell. I made zero nothing.

How to Start a Money Making Blog in 2021

It was a hard pill to swallow. My blog was making no money. I made a plan to monetize my blog. And I did. I started offering my services on my website and also signed up to be an Amazon Affiliate. I took a long break in December to modify my website in order to cater to the right crowd.

And I spent more time in writing a solid Business Plan. And guess what happened? My page views and subscribers doubled. I got subscribers in less than how to start from scratch to make money days which resulted in a huge boost in my Amazon affiliate sales. In other words, I was able to make an income doing something I loved — writing and drawing. All this while staying at home and having more time to give my beloved pooches.

So, in short; blogging helps you build a brand and name for yourself, and helps you sell your products or services.

How to start saving (even if you’re starting from scratch)

And can be used to make money online. This post includes affiliate links to products I truly from the bottom of my heart recommend, meaning at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small percentage which I will use to buy my poor dogs food.

Do not start a blog with the sole intention of making money Starting a blog is super easy. But continuing to blog consistently for a long period of how to start from scratch to make money is unbelievably hard. It takes time, patience and a whole lot of gruelling.

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of bloggers eventually fail. You stop receiving their emails. Their last updated blog post is 3 months ago.

Susan Ward Updated September 27, One of the primary worries of small business owners around the globe is how to make sure their enterprise makes money. You need your business to not only make money but you need it to make a profit after you have paid your overhead expenses. The financial definition of profit is the balance of total revenue less than your total expenses. Demand Makes Money for Your Business Far too many times people sink their time and money into small businesses that are losers. Why do they do it?

And you never hear from them again. Because they were just blogging to earn a quick buck. There was no zing. Deposit copy transactions zing is important, hon.

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Because the zing is what fuels your writing. Therefore, you must have a passion to write and be heard. You must be strong-willed and be ready to learn something new every single day. And most importantly, you must treat your Blog as a Business from Day 1. Apart from that, you require a blogging niche.

What is a blog niche? A blog niche basically means that every post you write in your blog will specifically cater to one type of audience or niche. Meaning you will be blogging about 1 specific topic.

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But is having a blog niche really necessary? Yes, mainly for 2 reasons. Having a blog niche helps you grow faster By constantly talking about 1 topic, you become an expert in it according to Google.

Say you find a blog that has posts on Choosing the right pencils for shading The Best cross-hatching sketching technique Different types of paper to use for sketching and so on… By reading a number of these posts, you will automatically believe that the Blogger is an expert in sketching.

No questions asked! These posts will also start ranking higher on Google. Because Search Engines like Google like to show posts that are written by Experts. They believe these posts will enhance their user experience because the Blogger in question knows what they are talking about!

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Google loves when you are super focused on one topic. Having a blog niche helps you make money faster too Imagine you have a DIY blog that teaches people to make origami. Can you believe that this started out like a swan?

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It becomes easier for you to sell origami tutorials to your readers because they are obviously interested in it! Sure, there may be some readers that are interested in both Travel and Origami, but what are the chances that you will be able to make the same amount of sales?

Pretty less, right? Say you want to lose weight!

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Which blog will you lean more towards? Definitely the first one, right? We automatically believe the person is an expert in something if they are focused on 1 topic alone.

The 2 Parameters for choosing your Blog Niche 1. Think back on all the blog posts you like to read. What do you really get excited about? I am interested in creative hobbies. So, I know quite a bit about Online Businesses. What do you envision yourself teaching to your audience?

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