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For the ones seeking to enter the world of robot trading, this is our comprehensive guidebook after reviewing the most prominent Binary Robots. Traders used to come together at the market place during pre-designated times and shout out to attract their buyers. One with a sharp eye for detail and good with numbers always went back home with profits.

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The stock markets from those days have evolved quite much, though the fundamental principles of trading have remained the rating binary robot reviews. It still required a considerable amount of knowledge and an eye for detail to be able to accurately predict the future outcomes. Such predictive capabilities are necessary for a trader to make a trade now which would earn him handsome profits in the future.

One needs to accurately predict the future outcome if he has to make profits from the stock market. Every method of trading stocks is centered on this very simple principle — get it right more often than going wrong. If you achieve this, you would essentially make profits over a period of time, rating binary robot reviews it is then only a game of probabilities with odds on your side.

There are essentially two diverse ways in which a trader tends to trade the market — Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.

Fundamental Analysis This school of thought attempts to capture the minutest possible details about each stock and the company to predict the future outcome.

In a nutshell, they would try to understand the fundamental qualities of the company and also study the business environment in which the company functions in, to predict the future performance of the company.

As is obvious, this is a very long drawn process and only people privy to the most detailed information about the company and business environment can get this right. Apparently, such news that is already in public domain holds little value; it is the information that is yet to reach the public domain that holds real potential for the trader. They are least bothered about the managing board of a company or its balance sheet; they may not even bother reading the financial journals either.

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What they do instead, is plot the price movements of the stock in a chart and use it to predict the future movement of the price. There several chart styles, most common of them are the candlestick charts.

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The technical traders study the chart patterns closely and combine it with some other technical indicators to try and arrive at the future price action.

The combined trade volumes of institutional investors are typically several times that of the combined trade volumes of individual investors. It is thus safe to say that the institutional investors are the ones who control the stock market; this is a phenomenon the world over. Since their trade volumes are higher, the risk that they assume is also hugely higher.

However, the very fact of having hugely higher trade volumes also help them buffer of having much higher money to invest in getting their trades fool proof. The employ several sophisticated computer systems, not to mention the every so valuable human intelligence, to analyze every bit of data before taking the trade.

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The institutional investors also are privy to information that the individual investors never get their hands on. The institutional investors usually employ a mix of fundamental and technical analysis to prepare their trades; this is to ensure that no bit of data is left unchecked to get their prediction right each time.

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It is obvious that the individual investors are in a losing position. They are up against formidable enemies, with almost nothing as their ally. The trade outcomes are a matter of chance rather than design.

It is very rare to even find an individual investor who has successfully traded the stock market for even more than a year. Scope of our research We began our research on this premise that the individual investor is in a disadvantageous position.

We wanted to use our comprehensive knowledge of the stock market to analyze the different options available for the individual investors and point out the pros and cons of each.


The objective of our rating binary robot reviews is to make the individual investors aware of the opportunities available and also make them understand the risks involved. We hope that our study would help the individual investor plan his investments better and eventually make money out of the stock markets.

Are Binary Options a feasible alternative? The objects traded in the stock markets are typically the stocks of individual companies; commodities markets trade different commodities like crude oil or gold and Forex markets trade the various currencies like USD Us Dollars or GBP Pound Sterling. Sometime later on, there emerged different type of trades; typically called forward contracts, these were essentially contracts made between the traders to buy or sell a stock or commodity at a predetermined time in the future.

The two common forward contracts or derivatives are Future contracts Futures and Options. The values of these contracts rating binary robot reviews typically determined by the price movements of the underlying stock or commodity. The contracts are to be executed at predetermined dates as set forth by individual stock exchanges. Advantages of Binary Options Binary options made their entry about a decade ago.

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These are also forward contracts, but with a major difference. The stock market has an uncanny ability to wipe out the entire investment of an unsuspecting individual investor in no time; they prices move up and down with no apparent reason. While trading a stock or even a forward contract like Futures, the investor is assuming unlimited risk, for the potential of making an unlimited profit.

If he gets the direction right, which as mentioned earlier, would most possibly be a matter of luck since the individual investor hardly has all the facts handy, he stand to make a fortune; he would end up bankrupt if the direction he chose happens to be wrong. These aside, the biggest disadvantage of these was the duration of time the investor was required to wait to know the outcome. These were many times several days to sometimes many months and even then, he could not be sure of making a profit.

He no longer had to wait for months to realize he got it wrong and take another few months to correct it.

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We certainly liked this feature of Binary options. Another major advantage of Binary Options was that it simplified the analysis.

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The typical analysis and eventual trade of stocks of the normal rating binary robot reviews contracts are based on predicting the specific price ranges that the stock might achieve in a given period of time. An investor still had the possibility to lose money even after getting the direction right, but missed on the absolute price. Many traders who trade the conventional options are often victims of this; it is absolutely disheartening when such a thing happens.

But, not in Binary options. With Binary options, an investor only had to get the direction right. He would make money if he gets the direction right. So the Binary options do rating binary robot reviews some otherwise alien advantages to the individual investors; he no longer had to wait forever to know the outcome of binary options betonmarkets strategies trade.

Binary Options Robots Binary options certainly did present some previously unknown and unavailable advantages to the individual investors, but was this enough to ensure that they make money from the stock market? Many traders who traded in Binary options would have reduced the amount of losses, but were they making profits as much as the potential offered?

That was not quite the case.

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This is because of the fact that the price action of the Binary options depended rating binary robot reviews the price action of the underlying stock, commodity or currency; these were still influenced by all the factors that influence the traditional stock market. This meant that an individual investor still required access to all those privileged information and sophisticated systems that was privy only to the institutional investor, in order to truly succeed.

They are usually decision support systems that would do the required when did the first options appear for you. Some of the more rudimentary systems compute the various probabilities according to technical analysis and present you with options from which you could use from.

More commonly, such systems also fetch fundamental information about the underlying asset along with presenting the technical analysis options. Such systems do 9 help in the trader making more informed decisions since he could now look at the traders from different perspectives. It is, however, with the introduction of much superior systems that the Bots actually started catching the attention of the traders.

These advanced systems could now only fetch the fundamental information, but could also analyze the information presented. This information was then collectively merged into the analysis from the technical charts to the traders for them to have a holistic view of the situation. The algorithms of such systems were hugely advanced than the previous generation and were capable to churning data like never before.

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These systems still required human interference; that is, they still only presented the trading information to the traders and required the traders to make the trading decision. This was still a tricky part since the trader may not have the right temperament even when the system was highly advanced. The four Binary Robots we reviewed for you have overcome this obstacle too.

They have the provision to execute system generated trades that removes all human error. By using these systems, the trader would no longer have to squabble with his mind before making a trade. The system could be left on auto-pilot; it could then use its advanced computational capabilities and highly optimized algorithms to analyze the different probabilities and execute the trades all by itself. Being a cut above the rest of the hoards of Binary Options trading systems currently available to individual investors, rating binary robot reviews all have their own unique trading methods.

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