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Prime XBT Review: Complete Exchange Overview

Reviewed in the United States on September 22, Mr De Rosa has written a well structured introduction into the forex option market. The clear examples and the pleasant writing style make it an easy read two nights, tops!

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Starting by showing the reader an EBS dealing screen, he explains the price setting using the Black-Scholes model. A bit more explanation might have been in order on how the interbank market really works in practice volatility runs for ATMS Straddles, market making, etc The section on exchange traded options and futures is interesting for readers unaware of the important differences with the OTC market.

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The formulas for the Greeks contain almost no typo's options exchange reviews making the book useful as a reference for a programmer. The section on barrier options is a bit disappointing. The relationship between higher order derivatives and the volatility smile might not have been out of place I am referring to the celebrated "three option method" to quickly price exotics without having to use MC-simulation.

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Also, when introducing alternatives to the BS-model, the formulae appear as by Deus ex Machina. Nothing is said about calibration difficulties.

Every time.

And when introducing alternative models, why not going into long term fx options? All in all, I would recommend the book to any beginning forex option trader or salesperson, but as those people generally do not earn the largest of salaries, it is even better if they borrow it from their institution's library.

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