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The data consists of personal information and photographs of more than Russian military personnel and civilians who participated or were directly involved in the planning and implementation of Russian aggression against Georgia in August The data presented below is a result of several months of hard work by Georgian volunteers, who using OSINT open source intelligencehave collected, studied and processed dozens of publications and videos including decrees for awards, articles and TV programs about the Ruslan Tatunashvili options of our time and other types of information.

In addition to the data obtained by traditional open sources, a large part of identified veterans of the Russian intervention into Georgia Ruslan Tatunashvili options was found in the so called free search, and in particular, various thematic groups on forums and social networks followed by analysis of profile data and contacts of the persons involved.

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The presented information has been classified according to different thematic blocks lists ; most of the identified aggressors are officers and contract-based soldiers from military units and formations of the North Caucasus Military District, Black Sea Fleet, Air Force, Special Operations Forces and Airborne Forces.

For more clarity, all collected data about veterans of invasion have been put into several thematic information graphics that have been visualized by Alex Aleksidze, a Georgian InformNapalm volunteer. Georgian activists note that the presented here List of is only the first swallow that does not make the summer, since, of course, they could not cover all military personnel involved in Russian aggression against Georgia.

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No such studies have been conducted before. Information on all identified individuals is supported by appropriate links and archives enabling a reader to get information about their involvement in August invasion.

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The presented data can be freely used for forming a full-fledged Tatunashvili-Otkhozoria List if there is a political will of the state and more serious approach to the occupation issue. We remind you that, in the beginning of MarchGeorgian initiative group Rusets Ra?!

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InformNapalm will be provided with such kind of information time to time as a kind of response to military crimes by Russian occupiers and their accomplices in Georgia.

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