Can twins make money,

can twins make money

So what are the secrets behind a twinning brand? Two faces are better than none or one Claire and Laura Jopson are not your typical travel bloggers.

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For one thing, they both hate flying. Now, we travel - it was a strange lie that became reality. The sisters started blogging in summer and originally did not appear in can twins make money social media posts, which then featured colourful landscape photography.

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But when a friend suggested a shift of focus - onto them - things changed. They admit that as individuals, the blog "wouldn't have gone anywhere".

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They do still get embarrassed should they turn up in similar clothes, though. It's like having an insurance policy.

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We have to make up and carry on. Make that a picture of twin bodybuilders in matching outfits captioned with a motivational message and you have a business model.

Jenny and Lucy West - The West Twins - are figure competitors from Wigan and Stoke-on-Trent who, three years ago, decided to start sharing their fitness journey online.

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The pair put up some holiday-themed posts and soon enough they were approached by a manager and a company ready to sponsor them. We didn't expect it. Our following grew rapidly," Lucy says.

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A year later, Lucy was self-employed and three years year on, the pair hitfollowers. The twins had always trained together and when Jenny did her first bodybuilding competition inLucy followed suit. We're having too much fun to stop.

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With that exposure, the self-proclaimed "Italian stallions" from Manchester launched a YouTube channel and blog and have grown a ,strong Instagram following. We want to make cooking fun and sexy. The twins can charge thousands for an endorsement post, with brands happy to pay for the "visually better" image of the mirror chefs, says Tony.

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And the twinning isn't just for the cameras, they signed off an email to me "Yours twincerely" as the brothers have lived together for the last 10 years, joking that it will remain that way until they find another pair of twins to marry. Their lifestyle blog began as a side project for Jordan during university. Through constant posting, they started to make some money, and by mid they were blogging full-time.


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