Dealing center terminal

dealing center terminal

Follow Cito to the primate house.

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Speak with Cito. Ask Cito about the cloning facility. Hard speech check Convince Cito that the Ghoulrilla king should escort them in the zoo.

Trading room

Read the ransom note on the Employees only terminal. Ask Cito about giant metal snakes.

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Recover Dr. Hein's passcode next to Dr. Hein's skeleton.

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Return to the Welcome Center and gain entry into the cloning facility. Deactivate the malfunctioning cloning machine. Clear Safari Adventure of the remaining gatorclaws. Kill Cito and his family.

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Tell Cito he and his family have to leave. Medium speech check Convince Cito to accept living with raiders. Assign a gang to Safari Adventure by hoisting their flag.

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Once the gatorclaw is dead, Cito will praise the player character, before asking them to help stop the gator infestation. He will lead you to the primate housewhere it is revealed his 'family' is a troupe of ghoulrillas.

Bloomberg Terminal

He gives you a holotape recorded by Dr. McDermot which explains the origin of the gatorclaws: a cloning facility.

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Cito will offer to come with the Survivor and a difficult Speech check can persuade him to bring 'Chris', one of the ghoulrillas, to assist. They become temporary companions, following the player character as long as they are within the Safari Zone.

The 'triangle house' is the Welcome Center of the area.

Interactive Tools

Inside is another gatorclaw, and a terminal which has a ransom note for a Dr. Heinwho had the passcode. Cito explains that the Angry Anaconda mentioned is a roller coaster ride.

Upon reaching dealing center terminal location, there is an Expert-locked trailer surrounded by at least three more gatorclaws.

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The key is located in a duffle bag on top of the trailer. The passcode is inside a toolbox.

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With the password in hand, head back to the cloning facility. The terminal to the cloning machine is located downstairs, past three more gatorclaws, including an albino. After shutting down the cloning process, two more dealing center terminal will spawn behind the player character. Additionally, it is possible to turn the cloning machine back on and it'll start producing gazelles. It is not possible to turn it back off after activating. Clear the Safari of any remaining gatorclaws, 21 in all.

Safari Adventure (quest)

After they're all dead, one must deal with Cito and his family; they can either be told to leave, pass a medium difficulty speech check to get him to share the park with the raiders, or attack. If kept alive, he will give the Survivor Cito's Shiny Slugger. If Cito is convinced to stay, he will remain alive and inside the Primate House indefinitely. If The Pack is assigned to the Safari Adventure park section, he will mention he "likes his new visitors" as they "like his family as much as he does.

The flagpole for earning bitcoin without investments is located on the roof of the Welcome Center.

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