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General Add a name here which students will click the option has not started yet to access the quiz and, if desired, a description of what they must do.

Timing Note: The user's time-zone - as set in the user profile - only affects how a particular time is displayed to that user.

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The actual timing for the quiz is not changed by that. Open the quiz You can specify times when the quiz is accessible for people to make attempts. Before the opening time the quiz will be unavailable to students.

They will be able to view the quiz introduction but will not be able to view the questions. Quizzes invest money quickly make money start times in the future display both the open and close date for students.

Close the quiz After the closing time, the students will not be able to start new attempts. Answers that the student submits after the quiz closing date will be saved but they will not be marked.

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Even after the quiz has closed students will still be able to see the quiz description and review their attempts. What exactly they will see depends on the settings you choose for review options see below. Time limit By default, quizzes do not have a time limit, which allows students as much time as they need to complete the quiz.

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If you do specify a time limit, several things are done to try and ensure that quizzes are completed within that time: Navigation block showing quiz timer A countdown timer is shown in the quiz navigation block When the timer has run out, the quiz is submitted automatically with whatever answers have been filled in so far If a student manages to cheat and goes over the allotted time, no marks are awarded for any answers entered after the time ran out When time expires.

Note: It is always the case that if the student is actively working first binary options the quiz when the count-down timer reachers zero, then their attempt will be automatically submitted at that moment.

This setting only affects what happens if the student starts a timed attempt, then leaves the attempt, and then later time expires. There are three options as to what will happen when the time limit is up. Choose the one you need from the dropdown menu: Open attempts are submitted automatically This is the default There is a grace period when open attempts can be submitted, but no more questions answered Attempts must be submitted before time expires, or they are not counted.

If you select "There is a grace period Note: You can change quiz availability and duration for different groups or users in the Group or User override sections in quiz administration.

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Example of how timing is handled A student starts a quiz at noon. The quiz has a one-hour time-limit, and the option has not started yet 1 hour delay between attempts. The student gets distracted, and so actually does not submit using the overdue handling until pm.

They are allowed to start their second attempt at 2. Because the server is heavily loaded, it takes 30 seconds to process the student's attempt. The submission is accepted nonetheless. Same situation as above but with a second delay: The submission is rejected. The delay is not because of server load but because the student found a way to cheat the timer.

Moodle cannot know what causes a delay. The behaviour is controlled by the admin setting quiz graceperiodmin60 seconds by default. A student is a member of 3 groups, all of which have different override settings. Which limits will apply to this student?

How can we improve it? Yes Submit This question is locked and replying has been disabled. Still have questions? Ask the Help Community.

If there is any user-specific override, then that is used, and the group overrides for that setting are not used at all. Otherwise, if there are multiple group overrides, the most generous values are used the earliest open date, the latest close date, the longest time limit, the most number of attempts, and the student can type any of the passwords.

Grade Grade category If you have categories in your gradebook, select the one you wish the quiz to be in here. Attempts allowed Students may be allowed to have multiple attempts at a quiz. This can help make the process of taking the quiz more of an educational activity rather than simply an assessment. Note: You can change the allowed number of attempts for different groups or users in the Group or User override sections of the Quiz Administration settings block.

Grade to pass Here you can set a passing grade for the quiz. This may be connected with Activity completion and Conditional activities such that a student will not be able to access a follow up activity until they have passed the quiz.

Grading method When multiple attempts are allowed, there are different ways you can use the grades to calculate the student's final grade for the quiz.

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Highest grade - the final grade is the highest best grade in any attempt Average grade - the final grade is the average simple mean grade of all attempts First grade - the final grade is the can twins make money earned on the first attempt other attempts are ignored Last grade - the final grade is the grade earned on the most recent attempt only Layout New page For longer quizzes it makes sense to stretch the quiz over several pages by limiting the number of questions per page.

When adding questions to the quiz, page breaks will automatically be inserted according to the setting you choose here. However, you will also be able to move page breaks around by hand later on the editing page. Note that changing this setting has no effect on questions you have already added to the quiz.

The setting will only apply to questions you add subsequently. To change the page breaks in an existing quiz, you need to go to the quiz editing screen, tick the 'Show page breaks' checkbox, then use the repaginate control. If you have many questions that use many high definition images and the server suffers performance issues, showing only one question per page is easier on the server that showing many or all questions in one page.

Navigation method available by clicking Show More Choose Sequential instead of Free, if you want to force the student to progress through the questions in order and not go back to a previous question or skip to a later one.

Question behaviour How questions behave This is the primary way to control the experience a student has as they interact with each question in the quiz.

The Ins and Outs of Selling Options

If you want the option has not started yet to get immediate feedback on their response with a chance to try again, if they get it wrong, then select 'Interactive with multiple tries' and add some hints to your questions and specify a retry penalty if desired. If you want to replicate a traditional exam, select 'Deferred feedback'. In other situations, the other options can be useful.

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For a description of all the behaviours, see Question behaviours. Allow redo within an attempt available by clicking "Show more" If using Interactive or Immediate feedback mode, enabling this setting means students can try a question again even if they have used up their allowed attempts.

Quiz settings

This is helpful if they wish to learn from the feedback given at the end of their attempts. Importantly, for students to continue with the same question, the question definition must contain hints. It must also have been added manually into the quiz, rather than randomly see Building Quiz Adding questions.

Otherwise, the 'redo' will occur with a different question from the one they were working on previously if there are other questions available such as when the question slot is filled by a random question.

A student's grade for that question slot is based on the most recent question they have started. Note: by default students are allowed three tries to answer a question correctly in Interactive mode before the 'redo' option becomes available. The number of tries cannot be reduced but it can be increased by adding more hints to the question in the 'Multiple tries' section of the question's configuration page.

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Each attempt builds on the last available by clicking "Show more" If multiple attempts are allowed and this setting is set to Yes, then each new attempt contains the results of the previous attempt. This allows the student on the new attempt to concentrate on just those questions that were answered incorrectly on the previous attempt. If this option is chosen then each attempt by a particular student uses the same questions in the same order, independent of randomization settings.

To show a fresh quiz on every attempt, select No for this setting. Review options These settings are collapsed by default Review options expanded This section controls what information students will be shown when they review their past attempts at the quiz, and during the attempt in adaptive mode.

It is a matrix with check boxes.

The various pieces of information that can be controlled are: The attempt Will show how the student responded to each question.

Whether correct Displays whether the students response to each question is correct or incorrect. Marks Reveals the marks awarded to the student and the grade for the quiz. Specific feedback Will show the feedback for the response to the answer as set when adding the question to the quiz. Each response to a question can have feedback for both correct and incorrect answers.

General feedback Displays the general feedback for the whole question as set when adding the question to the quiz. You can use the general feedback to give students some background to what knowledge the question was testing. Right answer Reveals the correct answer to each question, whether the student answered correctly or not See note below. Overall feedback Displays feedback for the entire quiz as set in the quiz settings See note below.

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Immediately after the attempt means within 2 minutes of the student clicking "submit all and finish". Later, while the quiz is still open means after 2 minutes, but before the close date if the quiz does not have a close date, this phase never ends. After the quiz is closed means what it says you never get here for quizzes without a close date.

Tip: Checking any of the boxes in the timeframe row, will reveal the test to the student. For example, to allow students to see their quiz immediately after taking it but not later, make sure none of the boxes in "Later" or "After" rows are checked.

The student will be able to see their grade but not get into the quiz.

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