Real earnings on the Internet for a disabled person

real earnings on the Internet for a disabled person

Make a name for yourself online and make extra cash — or freebies! Do you have something you want to share with the world? Have you got opinions people need to hear?


Consider setting up a blog. Blogs can be about absolutely anything. They can be personal, like a kind of diary blog, or you could simply write about a subject you find interesting. If you have something unique to say, write it. You have to ooze enthusiasm. Publish your blog on a popular site like WordPress. The free version comes with lots of tutorials to help you learn more about running your website.

Remember to focus on promoting your blog in various ways. Word of mouth, telling your friends and family, and using social media Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to get your content noticed!

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Finally, you could use your blog to sell things or advertise your own services. To be a virtual assistant you must be computer literate and confident with major software packages. You can adapt your workstation with things like speech-to-text software if you have limited mobility in your hands, too. Some larger companies also employ virtual assistants to work from home: much secretarial work can be completely remote.

We recommend VOTwhich promotes and offers your services to companies all over the world. How exciting would it be to work with clients across the globe and liaise with people from different countries?

real earnings on the Internet for a disabled person

You call a given company and ask a list of questions. All you have to do is report their response. Mystery shoppers are also needed in the online world. Your role will be to contact and send specific enquiries to websites. Pay rates differ for different agencies and companies.

Never pay to join a mystery shopping agency.

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You are being paid for your service. All you need is a computer, the internet and a phone, and your job is to simply answer customer service calls and deliver excellent service. Customer service is increasingly branching out. Additionally, social media is all around us and dominating the internet. Many companies recruit individuals to be responsible for the social media of their company.

+ Great Jobs for People with Disabilities to Get You Out and Earning

Keep an eye out for virtual social media roles on job sites as you can gain some excellent transferable skills. House sitters look after empty properties while the owner is away on holiday or for business.

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  • Main Digest Cheap broadband internet plans have been created by public-private partnerships, to bring high-speed, wireless internet access to those on government assistance such as disability benefits, or who have low-income.
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The responsibilities of house sitters can include looking after pets, keeping the house clean and tidy and other very basic duties. Overall, house sitters are not required to do very much at all and receive good money for their services.

There are also opportunities to make money for short-term work, and a number of agencies can help you find short-term house sits. You can even house sit for a day!

real earnings on the Internet for a disabled person

People need you to wait in for deliveries or contractors. A checklist shows your specific house sitting duties, and you can always contact the agency if you need help or are unsure about anything.

Make money with online surveys

Home sitting is perfect for anyone looking to make some extra money on the side. Otherwise, you can just enjoy being paid to read and watch TV! Make money tasting food and watching adverts Focus groups money must be made, not earned a particularly fun and interesting way to make money on the side. Focus groups vary from real earnings on the Internet for a disabled person out paid surveys for a couple of weeks to going in and reviewing and assessing various products and even TV ads before their release!

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To find out more about how you can become a grub tester, read our article on getting paid to test food …yes, even chocolate. Make money with a punchy pun Feeling creative? Write messages for greeting cards for a bit of extra cash! The most popular cards are funny, likeable and witty puns. However, other greeting card types include sentimental messages and traditional cards that use rhyming poetry.

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The first step to getting your message published is research galore. Spend time viewing the cards and note the relevant publishers that you want to contact. You can find the publisher on the back of each card.

Make easy money writing in to magazines

Keep an eye out for niche shops that sell greeting cards, e. Also, visit greeting card trade fairs where you can gain publisher contacts and do some networking. You could even pitch to them and show them your example greeting card messages.

real earnings on the Internet for a disabled person

When you receive a response regarding your greeting card message, keep track of your contacts. Check out the Greeting Card Association site for freelance work.

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Make money selling your old stuff Have you got piles of used books, DVDs, games, CDs, and clothes cluttering up your room? Sell them and make extra cash! Sell on sites like ZiffitAmazon and eBay. On Ziffit you can simply type in the barcode and find out how much cash you can get.

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