Make money easy language change

make money easy language change

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. What if you could get paid to learn a language? Make money easy language change languages by immersion fed my insatiable travel bug.

The Coolest Jobs! Get Paid to Learn a Language

The problem with learning by immersion is that it can be a pretty expensive affair — unless that is, you nab yourself a job in the process.

Not just any work, either.

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Yep, these jobs do exist. Working while you travel means you can spend more time overseas. That makes it easier to learn the local language. Plenty of language learners enjoy learning a language in the comfort of their own home which is an approach I recommendor in a classroom.

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I tried and failed for working on the Internet is real and profitable to learn languages in an academic setting.

After a very frustrating first few months of trying to learn Spanish and getting nowhere, I managed to crack the language learning code. I realised if I stopped talking in English and started forcing myself to speak Spanish as much as possible and embraced the fact that I would make mistakessomething might actually sink in.

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For years, I country-hopped, often living in places for as long as my visa would allow. Wherever I was, I would endeavour to do my best to immerse myself in the culture of the country, learning how to communicate with locals. There are a lot of benefits to English-free travel. Plus you can save a lot of money.

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These days, I make my living as an authorprofessional speaker and by creating language courses. I had to figure out a way to support myself if I wanted to keep travelling long-term.

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I realised two things pretty early on. If I wanted to keep travellingI would have to learn how to do it cheaply. I would also have to work — just like pretty much everyone else in the world does, to survive. After successfully learning Spanish, I decided that I wanted to have a crack at becoming a polyglot.

So, I needed to find jobs that would assist me in my language learning. If a job cleaning toilets meant that I had the opportunity to practise my language skills, than I would have done it! As it was, I worked some pretty unglamorous jobs during my time spent trotting the globe.

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Most notable was when I worked as a youth hostel receptionist in Rome. I can tell you now, I earned every single cent of that ten euros!

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Thankfully, room and board were thrown in too. You earn money to spend it wiselyafter all! This will give you an opportunity to practise your speaking skills along with meeting amazing new people!

You can rent an apartment rather than stay in a hostel. You can cook at home. You can join a gym.

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You can seek out new friends. All these things give you a chance to have an authentic experience living in a foreign country.

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If you have a job that has a bit of downtime or social interaction with locals, the more hours you work, you more you get to practise your language skills. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few career ideas for language learners. The good news is that these are really interesting jobs too.

Then I say go for it. Some of these jobs require you to speak fluent English. Others are available for speakers of any language. Work Abroad as an Au Pair Working as an au pair is basically performing the duties of a live-in nanny. Pay varies from country to country, although as your basic needs are covered it will be enough to get by, and perhaps a bit more. You can put aside money for savings to travel later, or use it to enjoy yourself in your new country.

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Working as an au pair is a good way to sidestep what would otherwise be a complicated visa process. Visas for the USA are notoriously hard to obtain.

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The same can be said for the likes of Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders wanting to seek work across Europe. So, if you enjoy spending time with kids, au pairing may be one way you can live overseas and make money easy language change a living while learning a foreign language.

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Some places only require you to have a university degree and be a native English speaker. It is not uncommon for nomadic sorts to settle down in a city such as Bangkok for a few months and earn some money by teaching before moving on to a new location.

As a language learner, you can take advantage of the situation by giving yourself opportunities to practise your speaking skills, while teaching your pupils all you know about English in the process.

Give a little, take a little.

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