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How to Earn Money Online – 5 Tips for Work at Home Moms

If you have a partner you may be able to work unearthly hours cleaning or stocking shelves, but what if you want a job that will bring in decent money and give you some fulfillment to boot?

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Before We Begin: Be Sure to Avoid Scams First things first: yes, there are sometimes real costs associated with starting a new business, such as paying for materials, franchises and permits, and possibly even marketing fees. Furthermore, if someone hires you, pays you too much, then asks for it back — beware! The money you return will be real enough, but the check they sent you may well bounce.

What is Hive Work / HiveMicro?

This is a common trick that people have lost a lot of money to. Also, be very careful about those you give your credit card or account details to — using Hiveage for invoicingor getting paid through a proxy like PayPalis a sensible route to take.

Finally, do your due diligence before you get involved with any franchise or similar setup. Check the company is real and sound, with no outstanding legal issues.

Become a Freelance Writer The market for freelance writers is huge and varied, with a plethora of industries constantly requiring capable writers to create their content. While you may not have writing qualifications, there are plenty of sites out there that can help you gain experience, such as GuruUpworkand Freelancer.

1. Become a Freelance Writer

Look for an outlet that fits with your existing hobbies, skills, or duties, and get in touch with the named contact. Nearly every website has contact details somewhere, though some seem more determined than others to hide them!

Nowadays, plenty of practical courses are done online — you just have to scope out what else is out there and find an unfilled niche. If you have valuable qualifications or a good degree, you could also teach academic courses from home over the internet.

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One of the easiest ways to do this online is via video chat such as Skype. Finally, WizIQ is an interesting resource that can help you create a mobile learning experience using tools like its Virtual Classroom.

What is Hive Work All About?

Make money on the internet t hive an idea of what else is out there, have a look at virtual agent job websites such as Working Solutions or Sykes. Sell Your Wares Online Do you paint, knit, crochet, or make great cookies?

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There are hundreds of different pastimes that can be turned into money by selling your goods online. You also have to pay various fees including a sales referral fee, closing fee, and storage.

Read through the terms and conditions on both websites carefully before committing.

Is HiveMicro a Scam?

Make sure the process is set up the way you want it before you start! Conclusion There are a lot of potential jobs out there online for work at home moms — a post like this can only scratch the surface, but after reading it, you should be inspired to get out there and sell yourself!

Consider writing articles or blog posts.

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If you have transferable skills, try teaching online. Look into virtual call center work. If you make goods, try selling them online.

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For those with good typing skills, try becoming a transcriber. Let us know in the comments section below! Easy online invoicing loved worldwide.

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Start your day free trial and see for yourself. No credit card required.

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