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Confidence in Trump’s handling of COVID slips among white evangelicals | Pew Research Center

By Gregory A.

  • Confidence in Trump’s handling of COVID slips among white evangelicals | Pew Research Center
  • For this analysis, we surveyed 10, U.

The decline comes as recommendations for social distancing in the United States rating of dealing centers into a third month and Americans overall express waning confidence in how the president and public health officials are handling the crisis.

No other religious group comes close to evaluating the president so positively.

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Even so, the share of white evangelicals who give Trump positive marks for his handling of the crisis is 6 percentage points lower today than when the question was last asked in a survey conducted March 19 to This analysis explores U.

We surveyed 10, U.

This way nearly all U. The survey is weighted to be representative of the U. White evangelical Protestants are a strongly Republican constituency, and their declining confidence in the president mirrors a slight decrease among Republicans overall.

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The new survey also asked Americans about another widely debated issue: restrictions on public activity. Some stay-at-home orders that were imposed by states in March and April were just starting to be eased when the survey was conducted though public health officials have since warned about the risks of lifting restrictions too soon.

His idea has merit and is consistent with the way we, at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, think about knowledge translation, which is our term for closing the gap between what we know from research and what we do. From our perspective, knowledge translation KT is about making users aware of knowledge or innovations and facilitating their use of it to improve health and health care systems. It is about closing the gap between what we know and what we do reducing the know-do gap and about moving knowledge into action.

These findings are similar to those from early April, though views have become somewhat more divided along partisan and ideological lines over the last month. White evangelicals are more inclined than other religious groups to say their bigger concern is that restrictions will not be lifted quickly enough — as opposed to lifted too quickly — and that there should be fewer restrictions in their local area than are currently in place.

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Although respondents were not asked their opinion about restrictions on religious activity specifically, limits on services held by houses of worship have been a contentious topic during the outbreak.

Here is a detailed table of results.

One-third of the country approves of the president's oversight of the pandemic.

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