Long- term investments in projects on the Internet 2020

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Still, certain trends already are in place that might point to great investment potential many years down the road.

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Analysts at investment researcher Morningstar dusted off their crystal balls for a glimpse of where they see growth potential by The 5G 'evolution' More. The advent of advanced 5G or fifth-generation cellular standards will allow more phone, internet, computing and other devices to connect with one another and operate more efficiently and at lower cost, with broad applications across industries and society overall.

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But from a technological and investment standpoint, Morningstar analyst Michael Hodel sees the transformation as more "evolutionary than revolutionary," as the emerging standard builds on existing 4G capabilities. It will "leverage existing technology to drive innovation," he said.

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Electric vehicles have made great strides in recent years, and that momentum will accelerate in the coming decade, said Morningstar analyst Seth Goldstein, who predicts one in five new vehicles sold globally by will be electric. In addition, more public charging stations will become available, making extended road trips feasible, and prices will come down.

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Investors have many ways to participate in the industry's growth. Renewable energy gaining power Alternative energy sources including solar and wind power eventually will supplant the burning of fossil fuels, but it won't happen bypredicts Travis Miller, another Morningstar analyst.

As alternative-energy sources become available, costs will come down. So too for Edison International EIXwhich is helping to build out the infrastructure to support renewable energy but also operates the utility Southern California Edison.

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