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Climate change futures: health, ecological and economic dimensions
Aggarwal community stakes claim to city seat Our Correspondent Ludhiana, December 2 The Akhil Bhartiya Aggarwal Sammelan, which has been openly supporting the SAD right fromhaving canvassed support for the party candidates in and Assembly elections in Punjab, has now asked the SAD leadership to give party ticket for Ludhiana Lok Sabha seat to one of its nominees to fulfil its longstanding commitment with the community. Addressing a mediapersons here on Sunday, state president of the sammelan Amrit Lal Aggarwal said in a letter written to SAD chief Sukhbir Badal and chief minister Parkash Singh Badal, the body had apprised them of the support lent by the members of the community to SAD and BJP candidates in parliamentary and civic body elections in the state. He, however, lamented that even after a number of public announcements by SAD leaders, nothing concrete had been done to give due representation to the community in the political setup even though the community had done its bit to expand and consolidate the vote bank of the ruling coalition. Aggarwal said now that the Lok Sabha polls were round the corner, it would be prudent for the SAD to nominate a suitable person recommended by the Aggarwal Sammelan as the party candidate for Ludhiana parliamentary seat.

T he ne arly co untries that make up Gen e va-ba se d Intern atio nal T elecommun icat ions Un ion IT U agreed twen ty years ago that ha m o pe rators had to be able to man uall y se nd and rece ive Mo rse code messages if the y wanted to op erat e o n the world-wi de ban ds below 30 M l-iz.

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C ha ng ing the intern atio na l ru les takes time. A lot of time.

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It wi ll be anot her three or fo ur years be for e th e m utter ca ll be co ns idered at a World Radi o Co nfere nce. Binary options bonus offers ha t means ham operator wavescae earnings on the Internet without investments get additiona l frequen c y.

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AR R L mc mhe rs don't like the wa ive r pro c ed ure und the Le agu e pet ition ed the FC C to ado pt rul es whic h wo uld make itm ore d iffi cul t to ob tain them. Fo r o ne thing, the y wan ted the exam ining commu nit y to he a uthorize d to o btai n a nd review mcdica l records o f those requ est ing a waiver. We he ard abo ut a high level meeting held thi s past spring betwee n FCC a nd ARRL officia ls where the Lea gue wa s told that the Com m ission wa s co ns idering a sing le S w pm code speed whic h wo uld el iminat e the need for a ny wa ive rs.

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T he mee ting a lso co inc ided w ith a ll age ncy-w ide re view of outdated regulat ion s. Th e Ama teur Service ru les were added to the list. By summe r.

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About that time. Th e y saw the handwriting the wa ll. At the ir J uly Board meet ing, the Lea g ue vot ed to see k red uced telegrap hy proficiency a nd fewer lic e nse classes.

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T he y d id n' t go alo ng with the AR RL'sreq ucs tlomake it more diffi c ult for the han d ic a pped to op erate Oil the high freq ue ncy ham ba nd s. Th e y sa id the ARRL' s propo sal s Th e re is a movem e nt unde rway. And that is wh e re we stand.

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