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All you need is a reliable, robust, and fast trading platform, like MetaTrader 5 MT5. Through its official website, the currencies, indices, stocks and commodities broker LBLV offers its clients a better way to trade the financial markets through robust trading platforms like MT5.

The goal of a day trader is to profit from intraday movements of trends on different financial assets with trading positions being open from a few minutes to a few hours — so timing is everything! Consequently, being a successful day trader requires a powerful trading platform with advanced trading functions — mathematical, technical, as well as fundamental analysis tools to determine better entry and exit points and achieve more precise timing.

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With reliable and secure brokers, like the licensed LBLV broker, you can open a demo account on MT5 following a few simple steps, allowing you to discover the trading platform and its unique features. All commands are accessible from the main menu bar, which includes the following tabs: file, view, insert, charts, option, and help. These functions help you to settle your charts with indicators, other analytical tools, and various platform settings to create your own personalized trading environment.

Below the main menu, you can find different built-in toolbars that will duplicate some of the commands and functions you can find in the main menu.

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The toolbars are customizable, allowing you to change chart timeframes, chart types line chart, bar chart, candle chart… and more. This section can also provide other information, such as details and specifications of financial contracts, as well as one-click trading options. This multifunctional window can also be used to access other information that can be useful to your trading, such as account history, alerts, news, internal mailbox, expert journals, and much more.

MetaTrader 5

Easy, right? As you can see, MetaTrader 5 interface is quite simple to use and provides all necessary trading tools and information to start trading the markets.

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There are different menus, toolbars, as well as service windows within a single highly customizable and convenient user interface that will simplify your trading. Do you want to place your first order?

Follow these simple steps.

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Instant order If you select an instant order, you need to determine: the size of your position volumethe levels of your stop-loss and take-profit. As soon as your order has been executed, it will appear at the bottom of your interface.

MT5 how to make money a problem! MetaTrader 5 MT5 has all the features you need! So, this all-in-one platform for trading the currency, stock and futures markets can also be used by day traders who like to automate their trading strategies, or who prefer to duplicate trading strategies from the most successful traders around the world.

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Before you start using it, be sure to fully understand how it works and how you can customize your MT5 trading environment to improve your trading process. Don't miss a thing!

However, it is beneficial not only for MetaTrader Market sellers and paid trading signals providers but also for common users. Now, you do not have to write Market applications on your own or sell subscription to your signals to make money on MQL5. You can simply help promote these products and receive your profit share.

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