Income for communication on the Internet

income for communication on the Internet

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Texting is widespread in both wealthy nations and the developing world. In fact, it is most common among cell phone owners in two of the poorest nations surveyed: Indonesia and Kenya. Many also use their mobile phones to take pictures or video.

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Social networking is generally more common in higher income nations; however, this is largely driven by the fact that wealthier countries have higher rates of internet access. People in lower income nations who have online access use social networking at rates that are as high, or higher, than those found in affluent countries. In nearly every country, the young and the well-educated are especially likely to embrace all of these technologies. People under age 30 and college graduates tend to use their cell phones for more purposes than those in older age groups and those without a college degree, and they are also more likely to use social networking sites.

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Many Use Phones for Texting, Pictures Text messaging is highly prevalent — in 19 of 21 countries, a majority of mobile phone owners regularly send text messages.

In none of the countries surveyed do a majority use their cell phone regularly to access the internet. Among this group, Russia is the only country where nearly all internet users are on social networking sites.

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Germany, France, and Japan are the only countries polled where more internet users say they do not go on social networking sites than say they do. In these four countries, as well as many others where social networking is less prevalent, the percentage of users tends to be low because majorities do not use the internet at all; however, among those who do use the internet, more are using social networking sites than not.

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In most of the countries surveyed, there has been only marginal change in social networking use since Two notable exceptions are Egypt and Russia — countries where the role of social media in recent political upheaval has been the subject of considerable attention. The scatter plot below shows the positive relationship between GDP per capita PPP in the country and the level of social networking.

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The U. Young, Educated Are More Connected Consistently, young people are more likely to use their cell phones for functions other than phone calls and they are much more likely to become involved in social networking.

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For instance, in nearly all countries, people income for communication on the Internet 18 to 29 are more likely than those 50 or older to access the internet on their mobile phone. Similarly, in the U. Young people are also consistently more likely to use their cell phones for texting and taking pictures or video.

Internet use over time

Meanwhile, social networking varies considerably by age in almost all countries surveyed. In 13 of 21 countries, majorities of adults under age 30 use social networking sites. The only country in which even a quarter of those 50 or older engages in social networking is the U.

A gap of 50 percentage points or income for communication on the Internet between adults under age 30 and those over age 50 emerges in 11 of the countries surveyed.

The gap on use of social networking between the oldest and youngest age groups is also large in the U.

VoIP - voice over internet protocol network. Benefits can include a pension, car allowance, private health insurance and a bonus scheme. Salary depends on the size, type and sector of the organisation you work for, and the size and scope of its computer and network installations. The value of the IT infrastructure also affects salary, so network engineers in the City of London, for example, can be paid considerably more.

There are smaller gaps between age groups in IndonesiaKenyaand Jordancountries with lower internet usage rates. The age gap is smallest in the two countries with the lowest internet usage — India -8 and Pakistan -5 — as well as in Egypt While younger adults are more likely to go online than older adults, the age gap in internet usage is not the sole driver of the age gap in social networking. Even among internet users, older people are consistently much less likely to engage in social networking than adults under the age of There are also notable education gaps regarding the use of these technologies.

Internet \u0026 Social Media usage and happiness by income and education levels

Education level is also a significant factor in social networking usage, though the importance of education varies widely by country. The education gap is somewhat less pronounced in the U. Compared with age and education, gender differences are less common in these measures of technology usage.

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