Robots make real money for you

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  • Robotic lawn mowers tend to our yards, robotic suitcases follow us through the airport, and smart cooking machines prepare ingredients and implement entire recipes.
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Thursday 5 November pm If you want to make money out of robots, these are the top sectors to invest in Sarah Spickernell We've been told robots are coming to steal our jobs about a million times, but the truth is that if you invest your money wisely, you could benefit from the evolution of robotic technologies.

And once fully integrated, the bank predicts robots will boost productivity by 30 per cent in many industries, while cutting manufacturing labour costs by up to 33 per cent. So if you're an investor looking to make the most of these novel technologies, where should you put your money?

robots make real money for you

BofAML has highlighted these key entry points in the business of robots. Not only is it safer than putting human lives on the front line, AI is cheaper, quicker and more accurate.

How to Make a Robot out of Cardboard (Very Simple )

It's no surprise, then, that global military spend on robots is growing at Autos and transport Self-driving cars are all the rage — the autonomous vehicle, when it become mainstream, will be able to operate without human input, using only sensors, radars, cameras and a few other technologies to find their way around.

They'll free up driving time for humans, reduce the number of road accidents and save a lot of money for car makers.

robots make real money for you

Finance Fintech is nothing new, but so far we've just scratched the surface of the technology this sector is going to give us. Advances in computing technology, machine learning, and user-friendly interfaces such as voice and facial recognition will bring profound changes to how financial firms operate.

BofAML predicts that robots will really flourish in finance when current year-olds start managing their money in earnest.

robots make real money for you

Key drivers include growing demand for robotic surgeries and the introduction of advanced technologies like imaging systems. The rise of robotics in healthcare is already clear —robo-surgery procedures were performed incompared to just 1, in An extra factor pushing robots into the healthcare industry is rising life expectancy.

robots make real money for you

Industrials Easily programmed to manipulate and move objects, industrial robots are going down a storm in the industrials sector. Looking ahead, performance of robotic systems is expected to improve by five per cent each year — and it is estimated that we are on the verge of reaching robots make real money for you point where manufacturers replace humans with robots in a huge number of manual roles.

Email On conference stages and at campaign rallies, tech executives and politicians warn of a looming automation crisis — one where workers are gradually, then all at once, replaced by intelligent machines. But their warnings mask the fact that an automation crisis has already arrived. The robots are watching over hotel housekeeperstelling them which room to clean and tracking how quickly they do it.

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