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Subscribe to the Crunchbase Daily Ashwin Cheriyan and his wife, Shiri Avneryco-founded the San Francisco-based direct-to-consumer food and nutrition brand after taking a look at how they were investing in their own personal health, Cheriyan told Crunchbase News.

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The single biggest impact to climate change is decreasing demand for animal products. Cheriyan is looking at facility options and locations on the East Coast and expects to be up-and-running there this year.

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As more options for prepared meals and meal kits come online, Cheriyan said food is such a massive space that Thistle is more of a complement to one of those services versus being an outright competitor.

What investors have to say Dan Gluckmanaging partner at PowerPlant Ventures, which invests in companies disrupting the food system, said via email that the firm sees approximately deals annually, but only invests in four or five of those.

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The company has more than employees, many in the operations and logistics areas. Thistle produces its own food and its employees do the delivery. It has served more than 5 million meals in the last seven years and grew its customer base by 50 percent since Our big part is proving those people wrong.

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Our customer feedback is saying we are meeting that goal, but in five to 10 years we want to be the leader that solved a hard problem. If we do that, then we will retain customers.

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