Calculation of financial independence. How to Become Financially Independent Quickly Using the FI Formula

Financial Independence Number: Definition and How to Customize

How to Calculate Your Financial Independence Number \u0026 Retire Early

Conclusion Origins of the Financial Independence Number The origins of the financial independence number go back to the s and the work of an advisor named William Bengen. The three professors looked at stock and bond data from Analysts have replicated the study many times since, using updated data and coming to similar conclusions.

An advisor and influential blogger named Michael Kitces is one of the more prominent modern researchers.

Financial Independence Number: Definition and How to Customize

This formula serves as the baseline, but most people should consider adjusting the number for their personal situation. To calculate the number, first determine annual spending. Count total expenditures for the year or average monthly expenses. Be sure to add estimated post-employment healthcare expenses since employer benefits will cease in retirement.

Financial Independence Number: Definition and How to Customize

My preference is to use bank account data and a spreadsheet to calculate annual expenses using Excel pivot tables. You can also use a grand capital binary option automated tool like Mint. Or multiple your annual spending by Either way works.

The total is the financial independence number or FI number.

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Use it as a wealth-building measuring tool to track your invested assets as a percentage calculation of financial independence your financial independence number see chart at the bottom. But do not consider the FI number as an absolute end goal because there are many other factors to consider. What are Invested Assets? Total invested assets is different than net worth.

Some people simply calculate their net worth and use that to measure progress toward financial independence. For a better picture, exclude the equity value of your primary residence and other non-retirement funds such as college savings accounts. Do include the value of equity in investment real estate properties or other assets you can liquidate to buy other income-producing assets.

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  • How to Become Financially Independent Quickly Using the FI Formula

Furthermore, if you generate after-tax income from investments stocks, bonds, or real estate, you may choose to exclude the underlying assets from your invested assets calculation and reduce your financial independence number — more on that below.

Those willing to accept more risk can withdraw a bit more, say 4. But for early retirees in their 30s, 40s, or 50s, 30 years may not be a sufficient planning horizon.

Serving others with your time, energy, and skills can be incredibly fulfilling. Instead of trapping you, this path creates more freedom and independence. Which brings us back to the financial independence number. The Financial Independence Number Defined Written as a formula, your financial independence number looks like this: Investment income is the money you receive from investment assets like real estate, stocks, and bonds.

Reducing the withdrawal rate is one of the most effective ways to reduce risk. Another way is to reduce annual spending. There are other ways to customize your financial independence number by accounting for additional income or income-producing assets. Below is a more general description of how to modify the number.

If you expect to receive income after retirement, you can reduce your financial independence number and bump up your retirement date. The most obvious additional income stream in the U. Younger folks like to plan for retirement without Social Security because of doubts it will exist. Despite politics and deficits, all Americans should expect to receive Social Security when they reach retirement calculation of financial independence.

Last update on July 19, Is financial independence possible for you? Since discovering the financial independence or FI movement, have you asked yourself how much you will need to reach financial independence? I wanted to understand how people in their 30s and 40s were actually retiring.

The additional income covers a portion of the spending. The lesson here is that a little bit of additional income goes a long way. Invested capital that produces income is a bit different. These investments include dividend stocks, bonds, traditional and crowdfunded real estatecertain business income, and other savings.

Financial Independence Early Retirement Calculator

If you adjust the financial independence number down due to income-producing assets, you should consider subtracting the underlying asset amount from the pool of available safe withdrawal assets. The first is calculating the FI number without adjustments.

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The second adjusts for the dividend portfolio. For planning purposes, you can do it either way.

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Building and maintaining sustainable income streams will help to prolong retirement security without the sole reliance on withdrawals. Reliable income is vital for early retirees to help sustain extended retirement periods. It can also help fund long term health expenses, support family members in need, and maintain wealth to leave a financial legacy to family or charities. The extra calculation complicates the equation a bit, instead of just using 25x annual spending.

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But it serves me better, giving me a thorough picture of what I need to accomplish to reach F. It shows my net worth green and invested assets red as a percentage of my financial independence number purple. I calculate my annual expenses for the calendar year. The sharp drop in December is due to increased spending in The goal is to get the red line above the purple line.

The crossover point is when I can declare my financial independence. Featured photo via DepositPhotos used under license.

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