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19 Weird Ways To Make Money - Crazy & Unusual Side Hustle Ideas

Believe me, some of these unconventional ways to make money might not be new to you, but many will be potentially a little surprising. But what the heck is plasma?

19 Weird Ways To Make Money – Think Outside The Box!

If you choose to sell your plasma, doctors use it to treat immune-system bitcoin is what it is, severe burns, and a variety of diseases.

There are some limitations to how often you can donate and payment depends on a few factors.

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  • Be over-productive.

More info here. A bit weird and probably something to be a bit cautious about, but there are people making money and charging by the hour. Seriously though, The Penny Hoarder explored this unusual money making side hustle.

Selling Used Panties Yup, you read that correctly. Yes there are women selling used panties and there are many people buying.

What Are Some Unusual Ways That People Make Extra Money?

I kid you not! If you want to read more about this, check out this article about selling used panties. Bitcoin Mining In the last few years, the news covered Bitcoin constantly. Everyone was talking about investing in the digital currency and interest skyrocketed.

Since then, the prices have fluctuated and many more coins popped up, you can see the prices here. This is where you can purchase and store any cryptocurrencies in your digital wallet. But another way some people earn money is through Bitcoin mining. If you want a more in-depth breakdown, Investopedia does a good job explaining the process.

unusual money making online the computer makes money for you

Mining involves purchasing and building computing equipment to confirm transactions in the blockchain. By doing this, you can generate more Bitcoins for free.

17 Ways You Can Make Money Online Right Now

Wait in Line for People If you are like me, you probably hate waiting in long lines for whatever it may be. You could be standing for hours and even outside in all sorts of weather conditions.

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But you can actually hire people as your professional line sitter, where you pay them money to wait in line for you. You can find this work through your own business yes, people have made entire businesses out of thisCraigslist, or apps like TaskRabbit.

But if you love food and have the stomach to handle fast eating, people can make some decent cash. There are also some local ones you can enter or even at festivals.

However, these probably do not pay out insanely high. But if you are looking for some bigger eating events, you can find them on the Major League Eating website where prizes can be in the thousands. Some of the more well-known eaters make a decent living. Paid to Fly Drones We all know drones have become super popular in recent years, so not too weird of an idea to make money.

But beyond traditional drone footage needs like real estate, weddings, events, etc. This of course requires you to own a drone, have any licenses and FAA exemptions, and be really good at flying a drone.

10 Legit Ways To Make Money And Passive Income Online - How To Make Money Online

Certainly one of the more creative ways to make money beyond traditional drone needs. Professional cuddler Wait, so people are getting paid to cuddle with others?

People are looking to hire people to feel snug and some human touch?

These portable income-generators can provide funds from a laptop at a kitchen table…and can be easy, productive ways to create a side hustle that pays, starting fast. To participate in a survey, you create your profile.

Apparently so because their people are getting paid by the hour to do just that. There is nothing sexual allowed, this is strictly unusual money making online cuddles and a human connection. Things like holding hands, snuggling, etc. Interesting, I guess? They sell various self-care kits, you can book a session with a professional cuddler, or apply to be one. Certainly a weird way to make money, but hey if there is a market then more power to these people!

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But besides that, I found some unusual money making online ways people have or are raking in cash online. Two are honestly simple and cool ideas, that were creative enough to work.

15 Odd Ways to Make Extra Money From Home

But hey, it might trigger your own creativity. After all, there are plenty of ways to unusual money making online money online! You can buy Tweets that are framed to hang wherever you like! But I thought the framing tweets idea was pretty genius. And as simple as it is, they do look pretty great.

Oh and Zach is pulling in some big monthly numbers of this idea.

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The Million Dollar Homepage I never heard about this story before, but when diving into the weird ways to make money this popped up a few times. He then promised any ad customers that the site would remain online for at least five years.

unusual money making online make money on the Internet through windows

And did it work? The marketing play went viral back then. The website is still active today and order trading robots gets traffic, even after all these years.

Also Alex became the founder of the app called Calm, which has raised million since it was started in Paid to Name Domains, Products This way to make money online is probably not too weird when you think about it. This is something I actually did for a good year in my spare time not long after I graduated college in But at the time, it was definitely an unconventional way to make money, but I enjoyed the additional income.

I had created an account on Crowdspring back in college, to practice my graphic design skills. The person chosen would get paid whatever the set amount was for the project. Not bad! However, they started adding writing, domain naming, and product naming projects. And decided to give it a shot. Now winning is not easy as you are up against hundreds of people and it can take time to think of good company names or domain names that are available.

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But a cool way to make some cash! Final Thoughts There you have it, some of the weirdest ways people make money. But as you can see, there are so many ways to earn additional income.

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Have you made money in any weird way? Do any of the above interest you?

5 Unusual Ways to Make Money From Home

Let me know in the comments below! Self-educated on personal finance and investing. He's passionate about financial freedom, investing, side hustles, and helping others realize they too can transform their finances.

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