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I felt attracted to the Spectre. Whether we are speaking about forex, stocks, CFD's, commodities, binary options, or any other popular model, the new technologies allow us to break from banks and institutions and actually auto binary options trading the trading platform which we trade on.

In binary options, traders must predict whether the underlying price of an asset will be higher or lower in a predetermined time frame known as the expiration. With 24option, this may be as fast as 60 seconds or as many as 30 days. The main reason why binary options trading volumes have soared in recent years is due to the fact global traders now possess the ability to enhance their risk management skills and enjoy a fixed, predetermined Return on Investment ROI in four different classes: Forex, Commodities, Stocks and Indices. Even if the market is 80 pips against, your equity remains unscathed.

Sounds fascinating and unbelievable? Spectre team has won me because they answered all the crucial questions about how to make this happen.

Not only that, they actually have already built a complete product which is about to launch in the next 6 months. Beforehand supporting this project I conducted my own research and assessment.

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What is Spectre Trading Platform? It is based on a new revolutionary model which rules out the conflict of interests - which is the primary problem when it comes to classic brokerage model of online trading.

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Spectre is an online trading platform without the conflict of interest since there is no actual broker to bet against. There are also other lucrative advantages. This is an investment opportunity only available until Dec. This comes as a significant advantage for traders who trade financial markets, as Spectre gives them the opportunity for the fairest trading experience. As opposed to traditional brokers, especially in binary options industry, where the interest of the broker is for the trader to lose his money, the Spectre model allows profitability to token holders regardless of the trades outcome - and is based only on trade volume.

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This first stage allows anyone to invest in a potential high-yield future passive income by making a one-time investment. Think of it as buying a share in an innovative start-up company. The investment risk is based on two variables: the value of Ethereum ETH and Spectre platform clients trading volume and size. Simply put: If the ETH value will increase in the following years and if the project will meet at least the minimum set guidelines, there can be extremely high potential profit for dividend token holders.

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The investment into dividend tokens can be made by buying the company ICO tokens in Ethereum currency. The fairest binary options order to do that, you need to have an Ethereum digital wallet with some funds in it.

The minimum investment in the public token sale is 1 ETH.

We do not offer the sale of Spectre ICO on this website. If you want to learn more about this investment opportunity, please visit the Spectre official website by clicking on the link below. You can learn more about how to invest at the Spectre official website.

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The reasons that make me believe in the success and rapid future growth of the project are the following: An innovative idea and a revolutionary model in the field of online trading.

The system is extremely attractive because it offers the fairest chance to the traders and is fully transparent.

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The project has Strong existing business and media partners. The rapid growth of online presence and positive feedback. Experienced startup the fairest binary options made of professionals in the financial business.

A well-thought project development and media campaign plan with variable projections.

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So ultimately, the concept of Spectre is not new. Similar projects and ideas were discussed on trading portals for some time. The Spectre is just the first who managed to head in the direction of actual realization of such concept.

The biggest problem with various types of online trading models so far was the conflict of interest between the broker and the trader. With Spectre, two major obstacles, which always were a reason for low trust in online trading have been removed: broker manipulation of trading results, withdrawal problems.

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Excellent trading platform with huge assets list. Traders will love it. Huge list of available assets Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies.

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