Options diploma

options diploma

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Options diploma candidates looking to acquire professional competency to trade options, the ZISHI Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Options Trading provides a deep immersion in trading strategy as well as advanced options theory and practice.

Recognised by the industry as an educational gold standard, students will develop their knowledge of trading, management and supervision of options within markets while leveraging new found skills to start actively trading with confidence.

Created alongside leading financial institutions to ensure total relevancy and employability, the Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Options Trading is fast becoming a favoured clent bank simplified binary options reviews for students looking to fast track their entry into industry.

Core Benefits — At A Glance Upon successful completion of the Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Options Trading, students will gain a comprehensive skillset that will enable them to practically apply knowledge and skills to trade options actively within global markets. There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, although it is recommended that learners have an interest in the financial sector and hold a Maths GCSE options diploma Grade A-C or equivalent or higher.

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  • Classifications of students: Students are promoted to the next grade level classification based on credits.
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Initial assessments will be conducted to ensure applicants can produce evidence to the required educational standard for all ZISHI financial trading courses.

What modules are included in the qualification? Modules: 1.

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Option fundamentals The purpose of this module is to provide learners with the essentials of basic option theory and practice. Learners will develop an understanding of the language and terminology used in options markets, while appreciating how and why options are traded in the financial markets. Upon completion, learners will be able to both analyse and model option prices.

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Intermediate Option theory and trading strategy Learners will develop a more in-depth understanding of option theory and practice, including an ability to explain and interpret the key option sensitivities including delta and delta hedging. Learners will understand the nature and uses of vertical, horizontal and volatility option trading strategies, and also why underlying exposures may be hedge using option collars.

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Advanced option theory and practice Course participants will cultivate a high-level understanding of option theory and practice and an ability to interpret both volatility and volatility skew using financial trading tools. They will also learn how to options diploma the key secondary option sensitivities including gamma and gamma trading.

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Learners will understand the nature and uses of refinements of vertical, horizontal and volatility option trading strategies, while cultivating an awareness of the key principles and practice of option market making. Core principles of risk management of options positions and portfolios will also be explored in depth.

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The qualification also serves as an effective gateway into the finance industry as a whole, with previous graduates of the trading options diploma successfully transitioning into trading financial assets from another profession — or successfully forging a dual career path.

Can I become a trader after studying this course In short, yes.

Due to the comprehensive level of skills and training, this fully accredited trading qualification is an exceptional way to stand out for prospective employers and begin a career as an options trader. What will the qualification allow me to pursue a career in?

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The primary purpose of the ZISHI Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Options Trading is to prepare learners with a comprehensive base of market-relevant knowledge to secure employment in a range of finance sector roles. Who Will You Learn From? Our leading consultants, coaches and course facilitators have many years of combined experience and expertise training global multinationals, financial exchanges, consumer goods companies and of course, students and undergraduates in the art of hedging, risk management, futures and options trading.

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