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Speaker 2: All right.

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Take the ones that ring true to you. Different things, make sense to different people.

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I know, the thing I heard earlier, the panel, which I thought was great and it ties into your question I promise, was this idea of writing out where you want to be a year from now. My world changes too quickly. How many of you guys knew that Snapchat was going to be where it is? Things change really fast in social media. Think, just 10 years ago, there was no Instagram. Facebook had 5 million users.

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Your website should have gone through four iterations by now. I think you have to start thinking about business, branding, all of this as a living breathing thing. What it meant to be a bestseller five years ago and what it looks like now. Speaker 2: Yeah.

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I make money online zen the world we live in, perfection is overrated. I think progress is a much better metric. Speaker 3: Yeah.

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No, absolutely. Speaker 2: Yeah, absolutely. I think hands down being an editor and not feeling like something has to be a hundred percent great to put it out there. Make money online zen 3: Absolutely.

Now in the beginning, I know you said you wanted to be in journalism. How did you come up with the idea to start a digital marketing company?

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Did you build a business plan and just hit the phone, hit the pavement? What did you do, in those very beginning stages, to get your company off the ground and build start learning to trade to what it is today?

I think demand also to see, how is that being fulfilled today? If I was starting today, it might look very different. I might have a different perspective than when I did, how many, like 10 years ago. Arguably, Mmarketing Zen was one of the first social media marketing firms in the world. Speaker 2: This is a time where social was really new. My book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, which is now in its fourth edition and is used in many colleges as a textbook.

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Just before Momentum, my second book came out even. How do I understand Twitter? Or how do we blog?

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We work with brands across the world, different countries. We work with everyone from the Navy to Chase business, so our clientele is extremely diverse and a big part of that has been continuing to grow and develop.

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How do we use Facebook, Twitter. How do you really understand and engage how people think and work?

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Thinking about knowing this, where are we headed now? Speaker 4: How is your approach to marketing and social media unique? How does it give an edge over other people? The longest times, companies did this madmen era as the perfect example. What does our brand say about us? And this is really much more of the focus on what does doing business with us at any level, communicating with us, interacting with us, allow our customers to see about their brand.

Speaker 5: Interesting.

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They like to stay in touch with current affairs. They like the perspective. Speaker 4: Dig that. Speaker 2: Yeah, I think so much of this is a process, is that… This is true for everyone of us.

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We just need to figure out by noon what it is, so we can make sure that our clients are in the loop. I think part of this is an evolution. People get so caught up in that. Is it Instagram?

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