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How to Make Money Cat Sitting & Websites That Pay (up to $25 Per Hour)

Cats, dogs, and other animals must be cared for if kept in captivity, and the owners who love them need the knowledge and skills to do so. Like humans, animals get sick, need consistent attention and grooming, and can benefit from learning new behaviors. So if you, a passionate animal lover, can share that information on YouTube, you can make money while also living your ultimate purpose. From a licensed veterinarian to a revered dog trainer, here's how pet enthusiasts are making money on YouTube.

But out of all his videos, his obedience training guides are probably most vital for viewers. When COVID impacted the world, George uploaded a video about how this kind of training could change for dog owners.

For example, there are four revenue sources associated with the video above.

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Zak also makes money by selling dog training guides for owners who truly need them. As a pet professional or enthusiast, you can also share your expertise on YouTube and start earning money online.

Trends in Dog-Related Content on YouTube Pet care and training are essential year-round, but dog owners in particular thought about these things more often at the beginning of the pandemic.

While Zak was focusing on obedience training videos, other YouTubers were addressing a vital question from viewers: How do I groom my dog at home during a lockdown?

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The results below show that search popularity for both terms spiked between March and Make money cat, the early lockdown period in the U. Newer creators can do it too. There are channels like Groomers Pro, which has only been around for two years, that earned more video views by posting relevant, trending topics.

How To Make Money With Your Cat On Instagram

Of course, the channel still needs make money cat attract 1, subscribers to be eligible for monetization, but videos like the at-home grooming one can help the Groomers Pro reel in more viewers, and thus, more money. The Turtle Girl: Monetizing Reptilian Care Pets of all types bring joy to their owners, and reptiles are no make money cat.

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The Turtle Girla channel with For example, The Turtle Girl makes money by placing advertisements in her videos. It allows content creators to advertise products from Amazon. The Turtle Girl uses this program to make more money, in addition to a Patreon of exclusive, pay-to-view content.

2. Make Money With Your Cat’s YouTube Channel

Alex Avery, a veterinarian whose been in practice since On his channel of Avery is a trained medical professional, which adds undeniable credibility to his videos. For example, in the video below, Dr. Avery explains why a cat might experience weight loss. Repeat after me.

How to make your pet Instagram-famous – and make money from it - Los Angeles Times

Making videos about pet care, training, or grooming will be simple for you because all you have to do is share the credible information you already have. Avery is doing that while also earning money from YouTube.

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First, he makes money by monetizing his videos with advertisements. Then, like many YouTubers, Dr.

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Avery is an Amazon Associate who shares his affiliate links in the description of every video. You can run a general practice and make money with a YouTube Channel too. When you reach that amazing level, you can start thinking about extra binary options turbo trades from levels efforts, such as: Administering pet health consultations via video conference Making your pet an influencer on Instagram and securing brand deals Starting a pet blog with advertisements Licensing photos of your pet on Shutterstock, Getty, etc.

Creating and selling online obedience courses for pets Selling pet food, toys, and other merchandise online So, are you ready to get started?

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