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Mitch I somehow need to like test this six times before we get started whatever it's another beautiful Trading on binary options, which means it's time again for another episode of my name is Barak. I'll be your host for the show joining me on the broadcast as always is the case Mister Magic Helmet.

There's a lot to talk about in the Counter Strike world as things have been heating up, despite the fact that we are in a player breaks, so there's no active matches going on, but the drama is still continuing. To develop, as is often the case during the breaks and it actually is a continuation this week of what we talked about last week, we talked about the fact that coming into the player break, we're likely to see a lot of roster changes roster swaps teams juggling player around and the first has already happened and it's kind of a doozy but before we get into it, Mitch How's your week been going how you feeling today.

Good sir. How's the pupper Pupper is fantastic. She's I think really enjoying her new home as I mentioned before she was using a puppy and she was brought up and I was in a rescue for three months. The rescue was great. They treated really well. But I think she's really adjusted to my place. I think she wished she had a bigger yard to run in which is nice because I'm actually gonna be going to my brother's House warming party.

He's got this big old yard so I'm gonna go take her there and they jugi make money online have a dog so she'll be able to socialize with another dog instead of just having to deal with me all day. So she's great and otherwise just wear a busy with work. How's that improving going?

I'm I'm hopeful that I can get a lot of it done this weekend, so I bought all of this jugi make money online to revamp my desk set up so I have a new desk Standing desk frame. I got the top built got three monitor arms from my monitors. jugi make money online

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I've got two desk mounted LED light panels with a remote. I've got a new camera mount for my camera. I've got a whole backdrop that I'm building. It's a lot and it's all here and I I can't do anything with it cuz there's that's in the same room that the bathroom renovations going on and so like there's just junk everywhere and I can't wait.

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Like just get one of the projects done, so I can shift to the next one cuz yeah, I wanna have that done before moving into the next big phase of broadcast that I'll be working on pun intended. Yeah, I actually just you mentioned the standing desk. I love my standing desk. I got one a couple of months ago and it really helps out with my back when I'm standing up more jugi make money online, you know at first, my legs retired because I'll be standing all day on my computer working but.

It's a button that makes it go up and down and I don't know if you knew but you can see right here I basically bought some like seven foot unfinished doors, so I just bought the frame that goes up and down and attached to the door to this. So it's this massive desk and I think it would be a little bit less jugi make money online looking but yeah, I had all for it because the desktops they can be so expensive.

I actually have like Grand plan to like have a built-in wireless charger from my phone with Woodburn logo that shows you where the phone is supposed to go. Yes, I'm gonna get it. Into it I'm gonna I'm gonna recess the Logitech powerplay mouse that charges the Gseven 03 I have into the desk so I can just lay my cloth pad over it and you won't know it's there and my mouse will always be a hundred percent charged.

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That's it. That's a great thing about being an adult. It's great. You know there's other parts that talk about being an adult, but that's the type of stuff where you get to have fun and jugi make money online whatever you want. I love it now looking at the news and the way that things have been developing last week we talked about upcoming roster changes and we'll take a look at that binary options demo account of the roster changes we were looking at last week.

One of them was the electro. He just basically was like not interested despite the fact that they were in advanced stages.

I'm just reading the article, real quick and even says we'll scroll down here so you guys can see it with us that talks between the two organizations were at a very advanced stage, but the Swedish player turned down the chance to join the Danish team. He basically was like I'm good. That's what yeah, that's if you're the lies, you gotta be a little upset about that. Recently, you know they had a solid squad but if you're like you know you've been on some pretty big names before this might be a step down and some in some cases I don't know how I feel about the headlines other than a little bit salty, especially considering it sounds like they were pretty far in those discussions and seem like they're pretty much ready to sign him.

So now they have to go through the whole process of finding another player. Hopefully they had a backup idea or someone that had they.

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It would be bringing in, but yeah, that's that's a tough pill to swallow yours. So here's the thing though realistically looking at. This is what we talked about last week when we were talking about BS, he actually said, I could see him joining as straws because this dude was really.

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In fact, going back in his career to his early days when he was playing on, he played with players like a stone and Dragonfly and refreshing those guys. I didn't even look at him as like the best player on that roster. Yeah, he was good but like down for me was to stand out cuz that was just crazy. Good young Danish player, the jugi make money online brother of Dragonfly the offer for the team in the game leader and out of nowhere, Baskin kind of made a name for himself and improved and improved and improved and then on manliness he was like a star performer, so it was really surprising when he left the team or got.

I think a lot of people kind of saw something like this coming jugi make money online joining a bigger team so it's official and it's kind of interesting too because he's going to be playing for the first time with someone who's been apparently quote unquote on the team now for months in essay, Yeah and hasn't hasn't played yet because of the deal that he had what was the name of the team against Phoenix.

He was fun plus Phoenix.

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Verbally to the team, but he couldn't play until his contract was over. I mean this was like a tight of CS and you know we haven't really seen them play a ton recently, so they could still be up to par, but that's you know a tough thing to get back to the level that they were at so I'm really interested to see how they integrate these players. A tag and Baskin, you know which roles do they take. I mean there's probably gonna be some obvious ones where you know the players Styles match or you know they play the specific positions where they can plug them jugi make money online.

I like that Astralis is innovative. You know they come up with this, You know extra player that they'll have on their roster. Maybe two at some point, you know they had the extra two.

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It's just you know we need to see what the. After they've made those changes to see if they're smart idea or not, I mean, the weird thing is. Let's say this roster starts working out really well.

A thing is they've been on. Oh he's our overpass player and like it's more like the Overwatch League where players sub in and out in a series as long as the rules allow it with a couple of T's were entertaining the possibility of that following basically or actually was proceeding this right before Astro. And we have talked about this on an episode of the show while back right before a straws announced this roster a couple of T O 's started changing rules that would allow mid series substitution not mid map so like once the ends you could, it would be so good for you and honestly like I kinda wanna see that but at the same point in time, how would feel about this?

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Aseven player roster do they don't they because one of the big things for a while with the coaching system was oh, you wanna make sure that teams have the same level of accessibility as or like aspiring teams have the same level of accessibility as the pro teams, jugi make money online know they start making rules around the majors based around. Having a seven player roster is not really something that a small or can afford so I'm kinda curious to see what happens when it lands in valves lap.

Yeah, it seems like Valve is really just trying to take away the competitive advantages these large organizations have the ability to use as you mentioned having a coach at all teams. As possible so yeah, it'll be interesting to see what their what their decision on something like this is I imagine there's probably gonna be a little bit back and forth in terms of jugi make money online least the major.

It's the same stuff over and over again and it might just be because I've played so much to yes and I've been involved with ACS for so long that I need something new like at a rocket launcher to the. Do something please I know people are gonna blame me for that.

Don't just literally anything please don't do that whatever you do just ignore it. He's no do it don't need a rocket launcher.

We got the chickens and add a rocket launch.

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We didn't need a Battle Royale either, but they gave us that so they might actually be doing this so shh definitely don't listen to me. It's much fun as that would be for like a weekend or something it would be fun for like 20 minutes like just exactly the same as he drop. Was for me or whatever like they call it anymore. I honestly forgotten the name of the BR that was released with counter strike simply because I think I've played it like maybe twice we played it on land and that was all I did at the global challenge.

Remember it came out and said that we were jugi make money online all to a computer and it was terrible. Honestly, I was like this guy sucks. It's not that fun anyway moving on to the final piece of the show and this one 's also a big one. We'll even this is gotta get zoomed in a little bit more so you guys can see this a little bit easier.

It's pretty much all but confirmed at that point the question is alright so Nitro's being removed Nitros been on the team for a very long time.

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In fact, I'm gonna pull up here in a separate. The liquid Wikipedia page for team liquid. And it's not that Nitro and the necessarily terrible players cuz a leisure actually had great games at times been playing really well for liquid.

The point is more like okay we have given this project enough time and it's not producing success. We have to make bigger changes than maybe we would like to do and that's what they talk about in this.

Yeah and I really like watching the arc of liquid with Nitro involved with it because if you remember, I'm I'm sure you do but I guess the viewers if you remember when Astralis was digging to us, they really struggled to get to those final matches and then end up winning them.

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They were second a ton of time, but then they got a mental coach. And really help them out and that got them over the edge, so they started their run where they're starting to win tournaments and for a while that was liquid after the original Astros team that struggled they didn't place first for a ton of matches, but it was clear that they were a really good team coming in second place third place at some big tournaments, but then eventually they got to the point where they were starting to win these tournaments and they had that really great year recently and you know I guess since then it started to go down a little bit, although I think some of it has to do with them playing online, Obviously you jugi make money online to make those adjustments to online.

Matches are happening, but I think a big part of that was Nitro and in game leading you can certainly brag, but I think the biggest impact he had was as an in-game leader and he's he's got to be considered one of the best and in-game leader of all time for N S C S. I mean he's definitely not a terrible in-game leader. The role has been passed out of his lap and it's returned to him at times. Of performers are a lesion twists, so you'd like to think that liquid would want to build around them but again it is the one that's been with the team, the longest outside of nitro so if they were really looking for a full revamp and maybe just kind of hitting the reset switch there's a possibility.

I don't think it's likely you know but they also more recently signed Stewy who's been struggling you know when you look at him, he is actually his statistics with the team are worst almost the nitros.

I like both players. On the chopping block. Stew averaging a one point 03 H L TV rating. I think this is actually across this career, not just with the team, but one point 03 across his career with the team or with across his career. Nearly identical jugi make money online I think if you actually look at their stats with the team they match up even more evenly or potentially even in Nitro's favor, The question is now though what next in both regards like do they move another player off the roster cuz I feel like one is never enough of a change.

One player doesn't make that drastic of an impact and even though Grimm will be a great player great rifle for the team, I kinda wonder if they're looking at some of the guys from like a team like chaos, they're like okay. Do we give this kid a shot? I don't know how that didn't work out 10 is insane, but it's really good. You know what you mean, Yeah and then also what's next for Nitro like this nitro keep playing or does Nitro just decide to retire My man has made enough money at this point playing the game between salary and prize winnings jugi make money online he can just step away.

I feel like I'm still plenty of money on the table for him to be made. Oh, I can't imagine he's gonna be. Oh yeah. I'm curious to see where he lands and just kinda where liquid goes from here, you know where or who are they gonna pick up for their team from one or maybe the development teams are they're gonna poach it from maybe a cloud nine pick up floppy or something like that.

I can't imagine and I would be interested in doing that. Didn't need to make some changes because their goal as an Organization as big as as liquid is there's always gonna be number one They don't want second place. They want first place So if they think they have a way to ensure that or give them the best chance to get first place every time and changes are necessary, They're gonna do it so you know they're I'm sure there's a whole bunch of people working on scouting other players that might be a good fit and you know selfishly.

I love watching roster changes and the shuffle and jugi make money online player breaks you know but on the. And you know there's people on the other side of it. There are players that are either losing their job or there's some sort of adjustments that are made to their life that you know makes it difficult for them so clearly selfish for me loving to see all this trading on binary options this movement, but you know at the same time you gotta remember you know other people's lives are being affected by this kind of stuff.

Yeah, now, of course that's across several years. That's a price point. Obviously the team was doing really well for a while, but it's sort of tapered off. I don't think they're gonna make changes. Wanna bring in as like a higher gun?

Yeah so. I feel like it's gonna be a jugi make money online movement lateral movement at a minimum, the tier of CS that he's currently playing. I don't think he's gonna go down as Top 10 Binary Options Traders as like chaos. However, let's not forget. Is currently gutting. So what are tick options a good point.

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There is a possibility maybe that they would go for that that there would be a swing for Nitro and they try to build this crazy roster around him it's a Texas boy too. If I remember right or am I crazy I don't think so okay. I don't think he's I was gonna say that would be perfect. I know I'm pretty sure he's from.

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